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3 Ways to Find Leads Online

5 Ways to Promote Your Property Management Services Online for FreeEstablishing strong online marketing strategies gives property management companies steady access to leads. Online marketing is ideal for lead generation because it’s low maintenance and effective across all demographics. Studies continue to show that there is no age where web-based marketing ceases to be impactful.




Website SEO

In 2019 Google accounted for more than 85% of desktop search traffic. That’s why it’s imperative to create a professional website and employ Google SEO tactics to raise your websites search rankings. Google’s SEO algorithm factors in approximately 200 signals when ranking websites, two important signals to consider are inbound links and topical authority.

Inbound Links: these are hyperlinks that direct traffic to your website from elsewhere on the internet. These links work to drive traffic and SEO ranking from any website outside of your own. Be selective of where you put these links because google ranks their quality. High quality links are inbound links from sites that are deemed more relevant or authoritative.

Topical Authority: the more content that is published on a topic, the more Google will consider your website an authority on those topics. An effective way to use content to strengthen your google ranking is to create an engaging blog that is updated regularly. You can also implement key words to help Google associate your website with appropriate topics.  

Email Marketing

Directly engage prospective leads using email marketing. Write compelling sales copy that showcases how your services can benefit prospects. Studies shows that it’s effective to mimic language that resonates with your prospects when creating sales copy. One way to do that is to read the reviews of your competitors’ and apply similar language to your copy. When writing emails, it’s important not overload content into one email but it’s equally important not to send too many emails in a short period of time. At a maximum, you should be sending 3 marketing emails a month.

Social Media

Social media offers a variety of options for lead generation. Some businesses opt for paid ads or pay-per-lead marketing. These options can help you reach your target audience faster than unpaid tools, but they can also drive marketing spending up. 

A free and effective way to use social media to increase leads is through customer reviews. Around 71% of companies confirm that review and referral processes increase the rate at which contacts are converted to customers.

Most adults trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, don’t be afraid to ask customers to leave a positive review or anecdote about your service on your Facebook Business page. Be wary of the timing of your request, because a negative review can slow lead generation. Encourage reviews at a time when customers are particularly happy with your service.


By embracing online tools, property management companies can stay on top of trends with a sustainable strategy for generating leads.  

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