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3 Newsletter Topics that Actually Interest Residents

3 Newsletter Topics Ideas that Actually Interest Residents

Did you know the average person receives 96 emails per day? Given that volume, it’s highly doubtful that all those messages are actually being read. In fact, many don’t even make it past the spam filter. Getting into your audience’s inbox isn’t enough to be successful with your email newsletter campaigns. It’s getting them to open your emails that matters most, and the best way to do so is to provide them with content that they actually want to read. Not sure where to start? Here are three ideas that should get the ball rolling.


Community Happenings

People love it when someone makes their lives easier, and property managers have the ability to do just that by providing a roundup of fun and exciting things happening throughout the community. These may include upcoming events (your own as well as those that are happening in and around the neighborhood), new property amenities or features, local business grand openings and anything else you think residents in your area might want to know about.

Maintenance Updates

To you, it may simply be one of the properties you manage, but to your residents, it’s home. As such, they are interested in knowing what’s going on in terms of maintenance. For instance, has trash pickup been delayed due to a holiday? Is a scheduled seasonal inspection coming up soon? Will there be upcoming repairs made to the building that tenants might need to plan for? When residents know that your email newsletters contain these important updates, they’ll be more apt to open them so they can stay in the loop.

News from Your Team

One of the best ways to keep long-term tenants is to develop and foster positive relationships with them, and email newsletters are a great tool for achieving that goal. By incorporating news, updates and special messages from your property management team, your residents will feel respected and connected. There are plenty of ways you can do this, from holiday greetings and well-wishes to helpful reminders to resident surveys and more. The key is to be genuine in your communication.

Staying in touch with your residents is an important part of your role as a property manager. Email newsletters that contain content that your audience actually wants to read can be an effective tool for doing so.

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