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Stuck in a Creative Rut? Here’s How to Break Free

Stuck in a Creative Rut Here’s How to Break FreeEver wonder how some people always seem to come up with great ideas? The thing that almost always sets these individuals apart is the way they manage their time and stress, both of which can stand in the way of creativity. Specifically, they divert at least some of their time and energy away from focused thinking. The truth is, being hyper-focused may be great for productivity, but it’s terrible for creativity. And since creativity breeds innovation, which is critical to your property management company’s ongoing success, fostering this skill is essential.

So, what happens when you’re in such a deep-seeded routine of thinking of things to do as opposed to thinking of new things that you can’t seem to dig yourself out? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can unlock your creative potential.

Get up and get moving.

Getting on your feet, even if it’s just for a leisurely stroll around the office, encourages blood flow to creative areas of the brain. It also removes you from an environment in which you may be too focused. Actively seeking out new and different environments, whether it’s a different area of the building, a picnic table outside or a coffee shop around the corner, can spark new connections in your brain, which will get those creative juices flowing.

Take a break.

Ever wrack your brain trying to remember something, like someone’s name, the title to a song or some historical fact, only to be jolted awake in the middle of the night with the answer? This tends to happen once you stop focusing so much time and energy and let your mind rest. The same can be said for working. When you busy yourself with endless projects, it’s easy for your brain to become oversaturated. It’s important to give your mind an opportunity to turn off and restart from time to time.

Seek your personal Zen.

One practice that’s become increasingly popular among successful business leaders, both in and out of the property management industry, is meditation. These individuals recognize the value that comes from quieting one’s mind. Just like muscles need to recover after rigorous physical activity, your brain also needs time to rest and recharge. It doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. Simply set aside five minutes a day to find your Zen and give your brain the energy it needs to generate creativity. 

Get enough sleep.

It cannot be stressed enough how important getting an adequate amount of sleep is – especially when it comes to creativity. Experts believe that when we sleep, our brains essentially file away all of the information they’ve processed throughout the day. Allowing your mind ample time to do this will enable you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated each day and provide a clean slate with which to flex your creative muscles.

Being creative can help you develop newer and better practices that will help set your property management company apart. When you’re feeling less-than-prolific, the tips above should help reignite that spark and keep you driving forward toward ongoing innovation and future success.

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