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Using Surveys to Improve Your Property Management Business

Using Surveys to Improve Your Property Management BusinessWhat’s the quickest and most effective way to measure how your property management business is performing? Ask for feedback from those who have done business with you. This can help you identify areas in which you are doing well, and more importantly, uncover areas where you may need to focus some time and energy on improving.

So, how can you gather feedback in a timely and organized fashion? Easy.By sending out customer surveys. Here are a few tips on how you can leverage this technique most effectively.

Keep it short and to the point

Even if you get your target audience to open your survey, chances are if they see 50 questions, they’ll promptly close it and move on. Stick to only those questions that are most relevant to what you are trying to measure. The shorter and easier, the more likely you’ll be to receive a good amount of responses.

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Make it simple

Consider the busy schedules of your audience and appeal to that by making it as simple as possible for them to participate. Electronic surveys that can be linked to directly from email and feature simple click to answer questions are most effective and make it easy to gather and analyze the results. There are a number of easy online templates that you can use, such as SurveyMonkey, to create and distribute your electronic surveys.

Provide an incentive

Again, the time of your target audience is valuable. Sweeten the pot with a raffle or other giveaway to make it more enticing for people to take the time to answer your survey questions. “Complete this short survey and be entered to win a $25 gift card” can go a long way toward getting the responses you’re looking for.

Use open-ended questions

Yes or no answers don’t provide you with the detailed information you need to really analyze the results, so use open-ended questions and encourage individual, personalized answers. For instance, instead of just asking “Would you recommend this property?” and leaving it at a yes or no, draw out the details by asking WHY they chose the answer they did.

Choose one main theme and stick with it

Make a list of the main areas you’d like feedback on, and then segment that list to create individual surveys for each one. That way you’ll stay focused on one topic at a time and your participants won’t feel overwhelmed by too many scattered questions. Just be sure to space out your surveys so that you’re not sending them too frequently.

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Open the door to a dialogue

The purpose of your survey should be to improve your service and correct problems. Always conclude the questionnaire with a place for people to voice concerns or make suggestions related to the topic at hand. Your participants will appreciate that you’re interested in their opinion and you’ll get valuable feedback that may have gone unheard otherwise.

Once you’ve gathered your survey results, analyze them immediately and address problem areas right away. The sooner you act, the better the experience for everyone and the more successful your organization will be moving forward.

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