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Tips for Improving Your Property Management Email Marketing Success

Tips_for_Improving_Your_Property_Management_Email_Marketing_SuccessIn the past, we’ve highlighted the importance of email marketing for property management professionals. But what happens when you’re putting all your effort in, consistently sending out newsletters, and just not getting the results you’re looking for? Before you throw in the towel, here are a few helpful pointers for improving open rate and turning your email marketing into more qualified leads for your property management organization.

Make it simple to sign up

It only stands to reason that the more people you have on your mailing list, the better your open rate will be, but if your target audience has to jump through hoops to subscribe to your newsletter, chances are they won’t bother. Start with the basics and make sure it’s super easy for people to sign up and keep the information you request short and sweet.

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Give them choices

Some people may be fine receiving an email from your property management company every week, but others will find it annoying (and probably unsubscribe). Give your audience the power to choose how often they want to receive communications from you. This will help set their expectations and reduce your loss rate.

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Don’t overwhelm them

Emails aren’t meant to be multi-paragraph novels. To the contrary, people are busy, so they want to be able to scan through their emails as quickly as possible. Newsletters should be designed in a way that provides very brief snippets of information (with links to ‘read more’). They should also include images to break things up and make them more eye-catching.

Include relevant, valuable information

What you share in your emails should be things that your target audience will find entertaining, education or helpful. If it’s not of value to them, they’re not going to keep opening your messages. Avoid heavy sales and marketing techniques and instead focus on delivering content that will keep your prospects interested and coming back for more.

Be consistent but don’t overdo it

If you aren’t keeping up with your email marketing, your prospects will find it hard to stay engaged with your brand. The goal should be to stay top-of-mind and achieving this takes consistency. Be aware, however, that there’s a fine line between commitment and annoyance. Respect your audience enough to give them valuable content on a regular basis, but don’t bombard them.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for reaching prospects and converting leads. But it has to be done correctly if it’s going to actually accomplish these things. The tips above should provide a good starting point for shaping up and improving your property management email campaigns so they consistently net the results you’re looking for.

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