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Tips for Creating a Property Management Newsletter that Gets Results

tips-for-creating-a-property-management-newsletter-that-gets-resultsA while back we discussed how blogging can help boost your property management business’ online presence and help improve brand awareness. Another powerful marketing tool that you should be using, along with your blog, are newsletters. Whether they’re electronic (via email) or paper-based (via snail mail), your newsletter can help you connect with your existing customers and expand your reach to new ones – and at very little cost. Here are a few simple tips to help you turn your newsletter into the powerful marketing tool that it can and should be.

Create a compelling title

Think of the title of your newsletter as the wrapping on a gift. The prettier and more eye catching it is, the more intrigued the recipient will be to open it up and see what’s inside. You want your newsletter title to pique the interest of your audience and make them want to keep reading. This is especially important if you’re sending your newsletter via email. If you want people to open the email and not just click ‘delete’, you’ve got to give them something worth opening.

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Keep it short and sweet

People who sign up to receive newsletters typically aren’t interested in reading novels, so don’t overdo it with the content you include each month or quarter. Use small blurbs or helpful snippets of information. If you’re sending your newsletter electronically, you can include small teasers with a link to wherever the full content is located. This is also a great way to drive more traffic to your blog.

Gear it toward your audience

If you want your audience to open and read your newsletter, you’ve got to make it about them. In other words, the content within should be things that people will find useful. Don’t overdo it with property listings or sales pitches, but instead focus on offering helpful tips and tricks, and other items that give your audience something of value.

Shift from quantity to quality

Newsletters are meant to be “pretty” and simple, yet informative. Don’t try to cram everything into yours, or your audience will quickly lose interest. Make sure the layout is eye catching and keep the content to a minimum. If you have that much to share, consider increasing the frequency with which you send your newsletter out (i.e. increase from quarterly to monthly).

Use a P.S. at the end

If you’ve got something particularly important you want to share, consider including it after your signature in a P.S. note. Studies have shown that most people do, indeed, tend to read that last line so leverage it to your advantage.

Using a newsletter is an easy and inexpensive way to reach a large audience at one time, but if you’re not doing it right, you simply won’t get the results you’re hoping for. By following the simple tips provided here, you’ll be able to transform your newsletter from boring and ineffective to dynamic and powerful.

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