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The 50/10 Rule for Productivity in Property Management

The 50/10 Rule for Productivity in Property ManagementProductivity is the backbone of any successful business. Without it, the work will not be completed efficiently, and the subsequent delays will cause a negative snowball effect that will have a direct impact on the organization’s bottom line. There are several techniques that have been developed specifically to address productivity issues, one of which is known as the 50/10 rule. This highly effective method has been embraced by businesses, students and individuals alike who want to increase their focus and improve their output of work. Let’s take a moment to examine this technique in greater detail.

How Does it Work?

Many people, particularly in the property management industry, employ the method of working until they feel they need a break. Given the fast-paced and intense nature of this business, such a method can quickly lead to burnout, which is productivity’s biggest enemy. The fact is, the more you work, the more energy and brain power you use. If you don’t allow sufficient time to recharge, your stamina will wane. The 50/10 rule applies a more rigid schedule, yet it yields much more positive results.

The way it works is simple. You work for exactly 50 minutes, during which time you remain focused and reduce or eliminate as many distractions as possible. When the 50 minutes are up, you take a mandatory break for 10 minutes. The reason it works so effectively is that 50 minutes allows ample time to accomplish one or more tasks, and 10 minutes is sufficient time to recharge your internal energy.

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What are the Benefits?

For such a simple technique, there are a surprising number of benefits. Here are just a few:

Improved Focus

50 minutes is a manageable enough block of time that removing distractions and staying focused doesn’t seem so challenging. When you only have 50 minutes to tackle something pressing, you’ll be more apt to concentrate on getting it done and less likely to be tempted to do other things, like check your email.

Better Stamina

When you look at all of the things on your to-do list and try to imagine fitting everything into an 8 hour work day, it can seem overwhelming. 50 minutes of work, on the other hand, is much less intimidating. By carving out these intervals, and separating them with a 10 minute break, your stamina will see a marked improvement.

Bonus Productivity 

Most of us could list a thousand little tasks that we’d like to do, but just never seem to get around to it. Forcing yourself to take 10 minute breaks instantly provides you with opportunity to do some of the little things you’ve been putting off. It’s like a bonus because even when you’re taking a break, you’re still getting things done! In just six 50/10 sessions, you’ll have accomplished an extra hour of productivity on the side, and the main tasks at hand didn’t have to suffer as a result.

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It’s always beneficial to know how much time it takes you to accomplish a given task, however it’s something that’s often difficult to accurately measure. When you’re using the 50/10 rule, you’ll be able to analyze exactly how much time you’re spending, and on what. This will give you the opportunity to determine what tasks, if any, might be better handled by another member of your team, allowing you to better organize your time to focus on more important items.

While there is no magic formula for improving productivity, the 50/10 rule has been proven to be a highly effective way to manage your time and improve efficiency, which can directly impact the bottom line of your organization. Why not give it a try and see the results for yourself?

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