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Safety First – Protecting Yourself as a Property Manager

Safety First – Protecting Yourself as a Property ManagerWhile being a property manager probably won’t make the list of most dangerous jobs out there, there are still certain risks that must be taken into account in our chosen profession. Think about it, you’re dealing with people you hardly know, constantly running around to different locations, juggling after-hours appointments and spending a lot of time alone. That said, here are some basic safety precautions to help mitigate risk and keep you happy, healthy and safe in your day to day duties.

Know who your prospects are

This is especially important when showing single family homes or meeting clients in areas where there are not likely to be other people around. Prior to scheduling an appointment for a showing, gather as much information as you can about your prospects and do your due diligence to check them out first.

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Use the buddy system whenever possible

Obviously in our line of work, it’s not always feasible to have two people away from the office and going out on calls or showings, but it’s something to keep in mind whenever possible. If you’re planning an after-hours meeting, ask a coworker to join you.

Don’t leave employees alone for long periods of time

Of course, somebody has to man the office while the others are out on the road, but leaving a team member alone for long stretches of time can place them in danger. Shorten the length of time by rotating schedules so that there is someone else there at various intervals throughout the day.

Never carry cash or keep cash on premises

More importantly, make sure it is clearly know that this is the case to dissuade any potential problems. Instead, encourage payment by check or – even better – electronically with one of your convenient online payment options.

Stick to doing business during daylight hours

There may be a few exceptions to this rule, such as meeting with an existing tenant or showing a property to someone you already know, but for the most part, try and stick with daytime hours for all out-of-office activities. If you must schedule an evening appointment, bring someone else along.

Go with your gut

Human beings have an amazing ability to sense when something just isn’t quite right. If you’re getting a bad vibe from a prospect, don’t ignore your feelings. Take extra precautions by doing a background check and having a team member join you whenever meeting with them.

Property management certainly isn’t a high-risk profession, but given the nature of some of the tasks you must perform, it doesn’t hurt to take some basic precautions in your day to day activities. That way you’ll know that you and your team members will always remain safe and protected from dangerous situations at all times.


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