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Leveraging QR Codes for Property Management

Leveraging QR Codes for Property ManagementBy now you’ve probably heard the term “QR code”, and chances are you’ve seen these funny looking boxes that contain black and white pattern popping up on everything from brochures to billboards. While they may look strange, these tiny little boxes actually contain a wealth of information about a business, and as such are becoming a powerful and popular marketing tool. QR codes can be programmed to contain everything from your website address to your contact information to driving directions and even coupons or promotions. They provide an easy and efficient way to deliver information to clients and potential clients. If you’re not doing so already, you can even leverage this tool for your property management business. Here’s how.

What is a QR code?

First and foremost, you need to understand exactly what a QR code is and how it works. QR codes, short for quick response, are similar in concept to bar codes. They are customizable and can be programmed to contain whatever information you’d like. Information contained within the QR code is then instantly transmitted to a user when they scan the code using their smartphone or mobile device. The 2D code can hold an incredible amount of data and is small enough to place on just about any piece of marketing material, from a webpage to a business card.

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How can a QR code be used in property management?

Here’s where you can get creative and think outside the box, because you can program your QR code to contain just about any information you’d like, to be instantly and seamlessly delivered directly to your target audience with one quick scan. In terms of the property management industry, there are a number of ways a QR code can be leveraged to disseminate information. Take, for example, property listings. Instead of trying to cram as much information about a property into a small ad space, you could include a QR code, which, when scanned would deliver as much in-depth detail about the property as you’d like.

Your QR code could display text or a ready-to-dial phone number on the user’s smartphone, or redirect them to your website, your blog, your property listings, a virtual tour – whatever you want! The possibilities are endless.

Where can QR codes be used?

The beauty of QR codes is their compact size. You can use them on just about every type of marketing material you have. Here are some suggestions on how a property management professional could use QR codes:

  • Business Cards – Place a QR code containing your detailed contact information or a link to your website on the back of your business cards. This makes it incredibly easy and convenient for those you are networking with to contact you.
  • Newspaper Ads – The challenge of using the newspaper to list properties is the lack of space in which to deliver all of the perks of a property and convey its beauty. With a QR code, you can direct people to a website where they can read detailed information and view color photos, making your ads much more powerful and compelling.
  • Rental Signs–Some property managers have new rental signs printed up frequently to communicate the latest special or incentive. Using a QR code instead which contains this information is not only more convenient, but it’s also incredibly cost effective.

How do I get a QR code?

The good news is there are a number of websites that allow you to create your own QR codes for free. Simply Google the term “free QR code generator” and you’ll get a hefty list of results. In terms of ease of use, Kaywa offers a user-friendly and straightforward QR generator that should be enough to get you started. There are even some advanced features available, such as analytics, which allow you to measure the results of your QR codes.

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With the latest data showing that nearly 144.9 million smartphones were purchased worldwide in just the first quarter of 2012, if you’re not taking advantage of this market, you’re potentially losing out. QR codes are becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool and one which can help set your business apart from the competition, giving you the advantage you need to see continued success.


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