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How to Hone Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Better Property Management Leadership

How_to_Hone_Your_Emotional_Intelligence_EQ_for_Better_LeadershipWe’ve all heard of the value of having a high IQ (intelligence quotient), but what about the emotional side of things? Today’s business leaders are quickly learning the importance of being able to manage their own emotions as well as recognizing and responding to the feelings of others in the workplace. This is a concept known as emotional intelligence (also called EQ), and it’s becoming a critical career skill in organizations across the globe, including those in the property management industry. Could your EQ use a boost? Here are a few things you can do to improve in this area.

Identify Triggers

There’s really no way to completely eliminate emotions from the workplace. In fact, we wouldn’t want to. The key is being able to control your emotions and also respond to others in a positive, productive way. The first step involves understanding what situations trigger negative feelings so that you can either avoid them or prepare yourself in advance. As you develop this skill, you’ll also be able to start recognizing what factors trigger others within your property management company.

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Rehearse Your Responses 

Once you know what types of things are likely to set you (and others) off, you can then work on developing more positive responses to those things. Spend some time envisioning different scenarios that you feel would most likely trigger your emotions, and then rehearse in your head the various ways you could (and should) respond. Also think about how you could more effectively manage and diffuse tense situations between others in your office.

Shift Your Focus 

When you feel as though you are becoming emotionally charged, purposely trick your brain and shift your focus to something else – preferably something that involves in-depth thinking, such solving a particular problem. The more you change your thought patterns, the less likely you’ll be to let your emotions get the best of you.

Take Time to Respond 

In tense situations, such as a disagreement with a coworker, dealing with a complaint or receiving criticism from management, your knee-jerk reaction will probably not be the most positive, nor will it be productive. Whenever possible, allow yourself time to calm down before responding. This will enable you to think with a clear head and more carefully measure your words. If it’s a face-to-face situation, step away. For emails, consider the 24 hour rule.

Escape When Necessary

We’re not saying pack up and head to a desert island somewhere. We’re talking about taking a step back, either literally or figuratively, to diffuse an emotionally charged situation and regain your composure. As you develop and hone your EQ, you’ll also begin to identify situations in which others are becoming emotional. Effective property management leaders can assist by helping to provide an escape for the parties involved.

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Create a Positive Environment

Lastly, put your EQ and that of other leaders in your property management organization to work by making it a priority. Incorporate the tips above into personal development practices for your managers and team leads. The more you emphasize these key areas, the more positive and productive a work environment you’ll create, which will lead to greater employee happiness and more success overall.

Strong EQ is a fundamental component of a strong and vital organization. Are your property management leaders in command of their emotions and capable of managing the feelings of others in a practical and effective way? If not, it may be time to make some changes.

Has your team mastered the art of emotional intelligence? Have some tips, tricks or advice to share? Please comment below!


Get the full scoop on how to build an extraordinary property management team. Download our free resource guide.


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