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How to Design a Killer Property Management Job Description

How_to_Design_a_Killer_Property_Management_Job_Description.jpgAny wise business professional knows that an organization is only as good as the people who are running it. The same applies to your property management company. Your ongoing success depends heavily on your ability to attract, hire and retain top talent, and doing so begins the moment you place that ‘Help Wanted’ ad. That said, here are some expert tips to help your ad catch the attention of the ideal candidates.

Craft a Catchy Title

Think of your job title as the wrapping on the outside of a gift. Not only do you want it to capture the attention of would-be prospects, but you also want it to make them want to open it and see what’s inside. Your title should convey information about the job in a unique, compelling way.

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Share Who You Are

Once you’ve gotten your targeted candidates to open your ad, begin by introducing yourself and providing a brief background of your organization. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use this opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s personality. This can help your ad stand out from other similar postings.

Provide a Detailed Job Description

Try to avoid using huge paragraphs which can lose the attention of your prospects. Instead, give a brief overview of the position and then provide more details of the proposed job duties in a bullet pointed list.

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Include Desired Qualifications

As important as it is to get attention for your job posting, it’s also helpful to begin narrowing your candidate pool as early as possible. This will make the job of your hiring manager much easier. Include a list in your ad that details what qualifications the ideal candidate should have (i.e. education level, experience, specific skillsets, etc.). Make it clear which of these things are absolute requirements and which are just preferred. This can help weed out lesser qualified individuals without turning away those who may be a great fit.

Avoid Salary Details

It’s ok to include some of the benefits your organization offers, like paid vacation, retirement savings, etc. In fact, if you happen to offer certain unique perks, such as free lunches or discounted gym memberships, these can be excellent tools for helping your listing stand out. Salary information, however, should be saved for the interview process.

Edit and Share

Once your listing is complete, go through it to ensure that everything necessary is included, that it’s grammatically correct and that there are no spelling errors. Then, post it on as many channels as possible. You should also share your open positions on your social media channels and ask your employees to share with their own networks to increase your chances of finding the ideal candidate.

Staffing your property management organization with the right people starts by designing want ads that not only capture the attention of qualified individuals, but make them want to apply. By following the guideline provided here, you can craft a killer job posting that will help you find the perfect person for each opening.


Get the full scoop on how to build an extraordinary property management team. Download our free resource guide.

Attracting and Retaining Talent to Grow Your Property Management Company

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