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How Productivity in Property Management Improves Staff Retention

How Productivity in Property Management Improves Staff RetentionOne of the most important components of a property management organization’s overall success is the acquisition and retention of quality staff. Keeping employees happy, healthy and loyal is the ultimate goal. But how? Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between productivity and employee loyalty. The goal is to find a way to integrate the two together to achieve optimum results and create an overall culture of both efficiency and staff satisfaction.

Employee productivity depends not just on the amount of time a worker is physically present at their job, but more importantly it depends on how “mentally present” or efficiently functioning they are while physically at their job. To achieve maximum productivity, organizations must consider both of these factors and employ a number of strategies that focus on employee morale and satisfaction.

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The simple fact is satisfied employees are more productive, innovative, and loyal. Conversely, unhappy workers are less productive and are subsequently more likely to have higher rates of absenteeism. Therefore it stands to reason that by increasing job satisfaction amongst your team, you can boost employee morale, which ultimately leads to increased productivity. It’s a cycle. Now let’s consider a few ways that this cycle can be fostered for optimum results.

Engagement plays a critical role in employee satisfaction. Including employees in training and support functions such as new hire orientation, and encouraging them to share their best practices and workflow processes allows them to take ownership of and have pride in their work duties. This knowledge transfer helps to boost productivity and efficiency while the empowerment the employee feels leads to an increased sense of satisfaction and loyalty.

Another tool for improving staff retention through increased productivity is creating a series of case studies which focus on your knowledge workers. Ask key members of your team to share practical examples that exemplify your organization’s mission and how the processes of their day to day duties contribute to these important core values. Employees will be challenged to consider how their individual roles impact the overall success of the organization.

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Finally, implementing good internal services such as training and support can positively affect both productivity and employee morale. Workers that are confident in their knowledge and skills and know that they can rely on their superiors to provide them with any and all support that they need will produce better results.

Encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing, empowerment, collaborative problem solving and quality internal services can help bring employees to a whole new level of productivity and produce a higher level of satisfaction. Staff that is productive is more loyal and therefore more likely to remain engaged and dedicated to your organization, which is critical to the long-term success of any business.


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