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Getting Started with Mobile Marketing for Property Management

If you want to reach these prospects, mobile marketing must become a part of your overall strategy.Last week we shared some tips on marketing to the next generation of renters, millennials. One of the things that really sets this demographic apart from those that have come before is its overwhelming use of mobile devices. People everywhere have smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices which they use to access whatever they need, whenever they need it, wherever they may happen to be at any given moment. If you want to reach these prospects, mobile marketing must become a part of your overall strategy. Here are some basics to get you started.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are basically optimized versions of the original, but designed to be viewed on any device. They’re built with what’s known as “responsive design”. Have you ever visited a website using your smartphone and found it incredibly difficult to navigate? The font is too big; the graphics take too long to load. Mobile websites adapt to make it easy to navigate and garner the information needed, whether accessing from a phone, an iPod, an iPad or anything else that isn’t a PC.

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Location Based Services

Have you ever “checked in” at a particular business on Facebook, Foursquare or Google Places? These location based services provide the ability to tap into those prospects that are “on the go” and happen to be in your area to deliver ultra-targeted advertising, offers and incentives.


Apps are programs that users can download and store on their mobile devices. There are actually a number of apps that are designed to help prospective renters locate quality properties in any given area, so this is a highly effective tool for property managers. For instance, in the UK there is a free app called Zoopla, which allows users to get all the property information they need instantly while on the move.

QR Codes

QR codes are those tiny little boxes that contain black and white squiggles and are popping up everywhere – from business cards to placemats. These small boxes contain code that is similar to a bar code which, when scanned with a mobile device, can deliver just about any information the owner wants to convey. As a property manager, you can create a unique QR code for each property you’re marketing. When someone scans the code, all of the information and details about the property, including pictures, can be instantly delivered via phone where the prospect can review it.

Mobile Advertising

You may not have optimized your site for mobile use yet, but many of the sites your prospects visit on a daily basis using their mobile devices have. Advertising on these popular mobile sites can add a whole new dimension to your marketing campaign. Mobile advertising is simple, straightforward and can be optimized to target certain audiences. It’s also an excellent way to reach people in a certain geographical area, which is key to successfully marketing properties.

In a future post, we’ll delve further into each of these things and discuss how to develop a mobile marketing strategy for your property management business. If you’re not yet tapping into this goldmine of marketing, the good news is it’s never too late! For now, it’s important to at least understand the basics so that when the time comes, you’ll be ready to jump on board and really leverage the power of this type of marketing for the benefit of your own organization.

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