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Effectively Managing Change within Your Property Management Organization

Effectively_Managing_Change_within_Your_Organization.jpgIf there’s one thing that every business is dealing with today it’s change. Like it or not, the world of work is evolving at a rapid pace. The old way of doing things is quickly being replaced by newer, better strategies and people have to adjust at a much faster rate than ever before. Effectively managing changes in the workplace is absolutely critical to keeping your property management company ahead of the curve and in a position to realize continued success. That said, here are a few pointers to you’re your organization moving in the right direction.

Have a plan

Getting an entire list of employees onboard with even the slightest change takes planning. Before launching any type of change initiative, an action plan containing a time line and specific steps to be taken should be drawn up and closely followed.

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Overly communicate

The biggest enemy of change is fear, so the best way to overcome such an obstacle is to dissuade and eliminate that uncertainty as much as possible. Make your employees aware of what’s happening and why. More importantly, make them feel involved so they understand their role in the bigger picture. This creates buy-in and leads to more positive response.

Start small

You don’t have to change everything about your organization in one sitting. In fact, you shouldn’t attempt to do too much all at once. Instead, focus on one area at a time. This will allow you to determine what does and doesn’t work so you can develop a set of best practices for implementing and managing future changes.

Be open and transparent

When change only occurs behind the closed doors of a boardroom, employees down the ranks often feel disconnected, insecure and ultimately resistant. Instead, practice transparency within your property management organization. Be open and honest. Invite questions and answer sincerely.

Lead by example

Those in upper management must make a conscious effort to lead their teams in a positive, productive way. Employees will look to leadership to see how they’re handling the changes that are happening around them. If they aren’t met with confidence, assurance and positivity, that will trickle down and infect the entire organization.

Identify and empower champions

Who within your organization has the skills and attitude needed to affect change in a positive way? These key employees will help push change initiatives forward much more effectively than when handled exclusively by those in leadership roles. Identify those individuals who stand out as champions of change and empower them to move forward.

Be fluid

Last, but certainly not least, recognize that change doesn’t typically occur without the occasional bump in the road. It’s how you navigate around these obstacles that will mean the difference between a successful transformation and a standstill. When you come to a crossroads or identify something that isn’t working quite as planned, be prepared to change directions.

Change is never easy, but it’s a necessary component of running a profitable business. Companies that are agile are the ones that manage to stay afloat in even the rockiest of seas. By identifying areas that could be improved and taking the initiative to make positive change happen, you can better position your property management organization as a stand out amongst the competition and a strong, successful company regardless of external circumstances.

Have you mastered the art of managing change? What strategies and best practices worked in your company that others could emulate? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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