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Creating a Distraction-Free Workplace in Property Management

Creating_a_Distraction-Free_Workplace_in_Property_Management_.jpgIf you think minor distractions at work are no big deal, think again. In fact, one recent study indicates that employees waste an average of 60 hours each month thanks to things like checking email, chatting with coworkers and surfing the web. Why so much? Well, for one thing, it can take around 25 minutes to return to the original task following an interruption. That means that if your employees take just 30 seconds to check their Facebook accounts, it actually results in 25 minutes and 30 seconds of unproductivity. Can you really afford that?

The good news is, there are some things you can do as an employer to turn your property management company into a distraction-free, highly productive and profitable operation.

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Set daily goals and deadlines and hold employees accountable

When your workers understand what’s expected of them and that there will be consequences if they fail to produce, they’re much more likely to stay focused and ward off distractions on their own, without requiring constant supervision.

Reconsider the layout of your office

Open floor plans are great for promoting collaboration amongst your team members, but remember that sometimes employees will need to get away so they can focus on the task at hand. Consider designating a section of your office for “quiet concentration” and give employees the flexibility to work when and where they’re most productive.

Remove obvious sources of distraction

Things like televisions and radios can be a nice touch for your employees when they’re on a legitimate break, but constant background noise can make it incredibly difficult to concentrate. Place these items in an area where they can’t be seen or heard from the main work space, such as in a break room that has a door.

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Offer training on time management techniques

In this industry, chaos is the norm. Being organized is critical, including the ability to properly manage your time so that it’s used in the most efficient, effective manner possible. This doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Investing in training can help get your workers on the right path toward greater focus and productivity.

Set guidelines and enforce them

Some distractions, such as social media usage, are not part of the daily work duties, and can therefore be eliminated or at least limited. Create policies surrounding things like internet use (i.e. it should be used strictly for business purposes only), communicate these guidelines to all employees and enforce the rules where necessary.

Allow breaks

Obviously your employees can’t be productive while they’re on break, but stepping away from time to time can actually improve performance. Allowing and encouraging regular intervals of downtime will keep workers’ minds fresh and make them naturally more resistant to distractions once they’re back at their desks.

In such a fast-paced environment, it can be easy to let daily interruptions derail productivity if you’re not careful. By acknowledging that workplace distractions are a real problem and taking the appropriate proactive measures to combat the issue – such as the suggestions listed above – your property management office will be running like a well-oiled machine in no time. {{cta(‘dd3cddaa-5b1c-4720-a06c-fc26e6fba0bc’,’justifyright’)}}

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