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Attn: Property Management Leaders! Are You Making These 5 Critical Mistakes?

Attn_Property_Management_Leaders_Are_You_Making_These_5_Critical_Mistakes.jpgHolding a leadership position doesn’t automatically make you a good leader. In fact, many who have come before you have learned the hard way that bad habits and costly mistakes can happen to people at every level, and the higher up you are when they occur, the more amplified the ramifications. To help you avoid wandering down the wrong path yourself, we thought we’d share some of the more common leadership mishaps made by property management professionals.

Looking Only at the “Big” Picture 

Setting long-term goals for your business is an important part of being a leader, but if you’re only focusing on that far-off prize, chances are you might miss the mark completely. The best way to achieve larger strategic objectives is to set smaller, incremental milestones that, as they’re completed, will keep you on track toward that bigger mission.

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Not Delegating 

You may be completely capable of performing every function in your organization, but if you’re not handing off some of those tasks to others, you’re inevitably spreading yourself too thin. Sharing the load not only allows you to apply your advanced leadership and decision-making skills to more important matters, but it also demonstrates to your employees that you trust them, which can lead to better performance and higher satisfaction levels.

Lacking Good Communication Skills 

One of the key characteristics of a strong leader is the ability to communicate clearly and openly. You want your employees to feel as though they can come to you with anything, but if you’re not practicing transparency and solid interpersonal skills, this won’t happen. Honestly assess your communication skills and make improvements where necessary. When you do, you’ll begin to naturally inspire trust, collaboration and innovation amongst your delegates.

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Being Self-Centered 

It can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing inward, especially when you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders. But doing so can be detrimental to the happiness and productivity of your employees. Instead, focus on getting to know your team members and helping them develop and grow. Lead by example and remember that there are many others contributing to the success of your organization.

Not Celebrating Small Victories 

Going back to the “big picture” reference above, if you’re only focusing on the end result, you’re missing valuable opportunities to celebrate along the way. Remember that people need encouragement from time to time. Let them know you appreciate them when they’re doing a good job and they’ll repay you by giving it 110% of their effort going forward.

Being a strong, successful leader isn’t just about having a “to-do” list. It’s also about recognizing the “don’ts,” learning from your mistakes and working to eliminate them from your day-to-day practices. By doing so, you’ll be better able to develop and improve your skills and your property management company will function better as a result.

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