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Are You Making These 6 Mistakes in Your Property Management Blog?

Are_You_Making_These_6_Mistakes_in_Your_Property_Management_Blog.jpgA business blog can be a great benefit to your company. It can help boost SEO, keep you connected with your target audience and help you position your firm as a trusted resource in the property management industry. Yet, many who start a blog quickly come to realize it’s not quite as easy as it seems. If you’re new to blogging, or even if you’ve been doing it for some time, you may encounter certain roadblocks that can impede progress. That being said, let’s take a look at 6 common mistakes many bloggers make and how you can avoid them for your own business.

Not having any real goals in mind

You may find that ideas for blog posts come naturally to you, but if you’re not strategically planning your posts, you could very well be missing out on many of the benefits listed above. First and foremost, your blogs should address real needs of your audience. They should also be keyword optimized, otherwise they won’t be found by the right people.

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Not writing in the right tone

Sure, you may be the picture of professionalism when it comes to conducting your day to day property management duties, but that’s not necessarily what your audience is looking for when it comes to writing. To the contrary, blogs are meant to be light, informative and easy to read. The best way to capture this casual tone is to write like you talk. Read your writing out loud. If it sounds stiff, modify until you get it right.

Being a “me monster”

We’ve all read those annoying self-promoting articles online – well, we’ve started to anyway, before quickly moving on. The goal of blogging is to provide your audience with content they need or want, not to constantly talk about yourself or your services. It should be about them, not you. If you need help coming up with topics, start with FAQs from your customers and go from there.

Not following an outline and having a main point

One of the nicest things about blogs is that they’re a quick, easy read. Well, usually. Most people are busy. They don’t have time to read through a novel when they’re on their coffee break. They want to be able to quickly scan through a blog post and draw out the information that matters most to them. To avoid rambling, start with an outline and write following a main point. And break up your content using sub-headings, lists or bullet points.

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Skipping the last step of editing

Many otherwise talented bloggers make the mistake of believing they’re done as soon as they’ve put the last period on their post. But not taking that last step and editing your content can leave you with subpar material that contains errors, doesn’t flow or just might have missed the mark altogether. You work hard writing your property management blog posts. Don’t skimp on quality by skipping the editing step before publishing.

Not being consistent

We already mentioned how blogging can be great for SEO, but in order to really reap those benefits you have to be posting on a consistent basis. Additionally, if you’re only posting once every blue moon, your audience will quickly lose interest and you’ll miss out on that all-important repeat traffic. If you’re struggling in this area, try creating a list of topic ideas and then using an editorial calendar to plan and schedule your future posts. This will help to keep you accountable and on track.

Are you making any of the above mistakes with your property management blog? If so, the time to turn things around is now. By making the appropriate changes and focusing on creating high quality content on a regular basis, you’ll be able to increase traffic to your website and improve lead generation as a result.


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