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6 Tips for Building Good Landlord/ Tenant Relationships

6 Tips for Building Good Landlord/Tenant RelationshipsThe ultimate goal of any property management professional is to fill their properties with quality, long-term tenants. Actually doing so, however, can be a challenge. The key is to proactively work to develop strong relationships with these renters or lessees so that they come to know and trust you. This will make them more likely to stay for the long haul because they know that if and when a problem arises, they can count on you to take care of it. Not sure where to begin? Here are 6 tips that you can implement today to start building those solid relationships.

High Level Service

This one’s relatively easy, you just have to be mindful of it. Make it a point to be kind, courteous and responsive any time your tenants reach out to you. The more they feel valued and that they have your full, undivided attention, the more satisfied they’ll be staying where they are.

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You obviously can’t be in all places at all times, but it’s still important to show your tenants that you care and pay attention to their needs. Don’t procrastinate, no matter how small the problem may seem. Timely response is a major key to success in the property management industry. The right property management software can help you keep up with maintenance requests and even provide the ability for tenants to submit their requests online.

Competitive Rent

Once you have a quality tenant in your property, keep the rent amount at a competitive rate. If possible, offer a rate that is just below the market price of the area. In situations where rent absolutely must be raised, give plenty of notice and a detailed explanation as to why.

Communicate Amenities

What perks make your property stand out from the rest? Is there a pool, a discount to a nearby health club, free WiFi? Make sure you clearly communicate whatever amenities your property comes with to your tenants so that they know to take advantage of them.

Respect Privacy

Provided you trust the tenants or lessees that are renting your property, try to limit the amount of times you drop in to take a look around. Ideally, once a year should be sufficient. If you must enter the property for any reason, give your tenants plenty of notice.

Regular Improvements

When you’ve landed long-term tenants, it can be tempting to focus on other unrented properties or those with higher turnover when it comes time to renovate and make cosmetic improvements. Resist this urge and show your existing tenants you value them and want them to stay by regularly working to improve their living space.

When it comes to being successful in the property management field, it’s about much more than just landing tenants – it’s about keeping them. These tips will help you develop the important relationships that will bond your tenants to you and to your property, making them valuable, long term clients on which to continue to build and grow your business.


Take your customer service to the next level!Get your free copy of the Property Manager’s Guide to Creating an Extraordinary Customer Experience.

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