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6 Productivity Tools for Property Management

6 Productivity Tools for Property ManagementWith workplace interruptions costing organizations nearly $997 billion in 2010 alone, it’s crucial that businesses find ways to overcome these distractions if they are to remain productive and profitable. The property management industry is no exception to these staggering statistics. One of the most effective ways to minimize interruptions and boost efficiency across this and other industries is through the use of productivity tools such as the following.

Calendar Applications

One of the easiest ways to eliminate distractions is to employ good calendar management. The web offers a number of free calendar applications that allow the user to schedule their day in as much detail as desired. Setting and sticking to a schedule will help boost productivity. For instance, simply asking colleagues to schedule their time with you rather than just popping in whenever they have a question can significantly reduce interruptions.

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Email Organizational Tools

Sifting through an overflowing inbox can use up a lot of precious time. Put your email organizational tools to use by utilizing folders and prioritizing messages to manage communications in a more efficient manner. You should also schedule specific intervals during which you check your email and stick to your schedule. This eliminates the constant interruptions of incoming emails as they pop up.

Task Manager

One of the best ways to remain productive is to stay on top of your to-do list. Using a task manager application, employees can clearly outline all of their tasks and prioritize them in order of importance. As things are completed, they are checked off the list, keeping everyone focused and on track.

Property Management Software

Our business is a hectic one, filled with many distractions and time-consuming tasks. Property management software leverages state-of-the-art technology to help maximize productivity, enhance customer service, establish a budget and more. Having all the important business tools needed to maximize productivity integrated into one platform, makes it much more efficient to use.


A simple yet highly effective tool at improving productivity is simply allowing phone calls to go to voicemail when working on a complex or important task. Answering the phone is one of the biggest workplace interruptions and it can easily be combatted by setting aside time when you simply won’t be available to take calls.

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Web Conferencing

Organizing and holding meetings is another time killer that costs businesses a lot of money in the long run. Utilizing web conferencing software can reduce the time it takes to gather everyone together and make meetings more efficient and productive.

These simple yet effective tools can have a significant impact on the overall productivity of your organization which translates to increased profitability and a better bottom line.

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