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5 Twitter Tips for Property Management Professionals

Several months ago we shared some Twitter basics to help you get started with using this powerful tool for your property management organization. Now that you’re up and running, it’s time to dig a little deeper and really begin optimizing the way you’re using this platform to further promote your business, hopefully gain more brand exposure and eventually improve your bottom line. That said here are 5 ways that property management professionals can take their Twitter marketing to a whole new level.

Spread the Word About Events

Once you’ve done your job finding relevant local people and businesses to follow (and hopefully enticed them to follow you back), you can leverage this tool to quickly disseminate information about local events in your monthly newsletter? Don’t rely on the old “if you build it, they will come” philosophy. If you want people to read your content, you’ve got to share it with them. Twitter is an excellent way to promote your content without having to do much leg work – either those you organize or just networking or community events that you’ll be attending. Your audience will appreciate the up to date information and you’ll stay connected with them, both online and offline.

Share Your Content

Write a new helpful blog post recently? Just upload. Just make sure you’re using the right hash-tags and shorten your links for a better chance of getting your content found and retweeted.

Send Out Reminders

Chances are you already send out written notices to your tenants whenever there’s scheduled maintenance planned for your properties. Why not reinforce these written notices with Twitter? Remind your tenants about upcoming repairs, power outages and any other work around the properties that might either require action on their part or just as a heads up.

Share Local Deals

What’s going on in your community that your audience might benefit from? Pay attention to these happenings – such as deals or coupons – and use Twitter to pass that information along to your followers. They’ll begin to view you as a key member of the community and a trusted source of useful information.

Gather Feedback

How will you know how you’re doing unless you hear it straight from those who are working with you? Twitter is an excellent tool for gathering feedback from your property owners, tenants and anyone else you do business with. Just be sure to keep on top of answering questions or concerns in a timely manner. Your audience will appreciate the attention you provide them with and you’ll have a valuable source of information that will help you continue to improve your business practices.

With over 200 million active users visiting Twitter each month, this platform is fast becoming one of the most valuable and cost effective online marketing methods for businesses, and the property management industry is no exception. Given these numbers, it’s critical that your organization is leveraging this tool in the most effective way possible to optimize your results. These are 5 simple ways you can use Twitter to expand your reach, enhance your relationship with existing clients and improve your rate of word of mouth marketing to better your business as a whole.

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