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5 Tips to Get Your Rental Properties Ready for Spring

Get Your Rental Properties Ready for SpringIt may seem hard to believe, given the number on the thermometer, but spring is right around the corner. It’s time to start taking the proper measures to prepare your properties so that the change in season goes off without a hitch. That said, here are 5 things you should add to your to-do list to effectively get your rental properties spring-ready.

Check Air Systems

Before we know it, we’ll all have forgotten about the chill of this winter and be complaining about the hot weather. If your properties have air conditioning units, now’s a good time to check them to make sure they’re still working properly. Filters should also be cleaned, and any routine maintenance should be scheduled as soon as possible so that everything will be good to go when the time comes.

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Test Fire Safety Items

The change of seasons provides an excellent reminder to check all fire safety items to make sure they are all in good working order. Smoke detectors should be tested and batteries changed. Fire alarms should also be tested, and inspected by a professional, along with items like fire extinguishers. Anything not found to be up to par should be replaced immediately.

Get a Jump on Landscaping

Once the snow has melted and the ground sufficiently thawed, it’s a good idea to get a jump on your landscaping duties so they’ll be complete in time for spring. Check lawn areas to find spots that may need reseeding and plant flowers to spruce up the look over the coming months.

Clean the Exterior

Check for areas that could use a good power-washing. Wash the outside of windows and clean screens to remove dust and dirt buildup that may have occurred over the past year. You’ll be amazed how a simple exterior cleaning can really breathe new life into your property.


Over time, common areas of your properties may become cluttered with stuff, like shovels and yard furniture. As spring approaches, make it a point to tidy up these areas. Remember – prospective tenants will often drive by a property before deciding whether to make an appointment to see it, so make their first impression a good one by keeping the outside looking clean and inviting.

One of the most important components of successful property management is making sure the houses, apartment buildings, condos or offices you own are kept in good condition. Spring is the perfect time to do so. By adding these 5 simple things to your task list, your properties will be in tip-top shape and ready for the warmer weather in no time!


Get your free copy of The Property Manager’s Guide to Proactive Management — and make the time necessary to plan for an extraordinary future.

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