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5 Tips for Marketing Rental Properties to Baby Boomers

5-tips-marketing-rental-properties-to-baby-boomersRecently, we shared some tips on marketing your managed properties to the younger generation, often referred to as Gen-Y or Millennials. While these up-and-comers are certainly expected to start flooding the market, there are still plenty of more seasoned prospects that are in the market for housing. That said, here are some tips for marketing rental properties in order to attract Baby Boomers.

Be honest and straightforward

The older generation is made up of hard workers and determined individuals who want to be certain they’re making a wise choice when making a big purchase, such as choosing housing. Show this target audience that they can trust you by keeping things real and always being honest and straightforward with them.

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Avoid acronyms and other slang

They may be hip, but they might not be up to date on all the latest acronyms and textology that’s being used by younger folks. Don’t risk confusing your seasoned prospects just to connect with the younger ones. Keep everything professional and when in doubt, spell it out.

Maintain a quality web presence

Just because this generation didn’t grow up using the internet doesn’t mean they haven’t adjusted. Regardless of age, people in today’s market want to see that you’ve put an effort into establishing a solid presence online. This means maintaining a dynamic website, updating your blog regularly and participating in social media activities. In fact, according to research, the internet is the most trusted source of information for Baby Boomers when making a large purchase decision (which would include housing). In other words, they’re online so you need to be too!

Provide other options

Many folks – particularly the younger demographic – prefer handling the rental process entirely online. They may want to complete the application and even make their monthly rent payments electronically. It’s important to keep in mind that while offering these features can be a selling point, some of the people you’re marketing to may prefer a more old-school approach. Always be willing to offer paper applications and conduct face to face meetings if that’s what makes your prospects feel most comfortable.

Rise to the occasion

Many Baby Boomers have earned the reputation of being particular and having high expectations. This is especially true for major purchasing decisions. If the property you’re marketing isn’t quite up to par, or your service is lacking, you might as well cross this demographic off your list of potential clients. Before you market to the older generation, get your ducks in a row and be prepared to be on your game. It takes work but landing the right tenant will make it worth it in the long run.

Any good marketing professional understands that different demographics require different approaches in order to win them over and close the deal. It’s no different for marketing your properties. If you’re considering a more seasoned target audience, be sure to keep the above tips in mind. This will help you hone your strategy to net the best results.

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