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5 Tips for Implementing a Flexible Work Policy in Your Property Management Business

5_Tips_for_Implementing_a_Flexible_Work_Policy_in_Your_Property_Management_BusinessLike it or not, the world of work is changing. More and more employees are looking for companies that offer flexible work arrangements over other more traditional benefits. And with advances like cloud technology, it’s never been easier to adapt to these changing needs than right now. If your property management business isn’t quite up to speed with the concept of flexwork, here are 5 simple tips to help you prepare accordingly.

Map out a strategy

You can’t successfully implement any business policy without first developing a plan for doing so. Determine which roles will be eligible for flexible work (the more the better), what kind of flexwork you’ll be offering (i.e. work from home one day per week) and who will be the final decision makers. Your strategy should also include metrics for tracking productivity.

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Start small

Before rolling out a flexwork policy to your entire, start with just one department or designated group of users. This case study can then be used to modify your approach until you get it right.

Employ the right tools

You can’t allow your employees to work flexible schedules if they don’t have the appropriate tools at their disposal. This includes equipment (laptops, tablets) and software (the right property management software will help support working from anywhere). Choose all of your tools with the idea of communication in mind, as this is the essential component of successful flexwork arrangements.

Arm managers with the right training

Managing a group of telecommuters is markedly different than managing a traditional workforce. Make sure your company leaders understand these differences and adapt their approaches accordingly.

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Recognize it’s not for everyone

It’s important to note that flexible work styles aren’t for everyone. Some people either prefer or just perform better in traditional office settings and 9-5 shifts. Come up with other “perks” that these employees can take advantage of so you won’t have to abandon the entire flexwork policy.

The bottom line is, companies that aren’t adapting to the changing landscape of work will inevitably get left behind. Is your property management firm on the right path? These steps will help you move in the right direction.


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