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5 Tips for Fostering Collaboration in Your Property Management Firm

5_Tips_for_Fostering_Collaboration_in_Your_Property_Management_OrganizationCollaboration is more than just a buzzword these days. It’s something that can drive the ongoing success of your property management organization. When your employees are able to connect and work together, it inspires creativity and promotes innovation. It’s not, however, something that just happens naturally. That said, let’s take a look at five strategies you can employ today to start fostering more collaboration tomorrow.

Create a Culture of Openness and Transparency

The key to getting your employees more engaged and therefore more likely to communicate is creating an atmosphere within your organization that promotes openness and honesty. Remember, it starts at the top, so make sure there is uniform buy-in from upper management.

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Establish Policies

One of biggest obstacles to achieving greater organizational collaboration is the fear of looking stupid. By establishing clear-cut policies that define what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, you can alleviate much of this fear. When people feel they can share their thoughts without concern that they’ll be ridiculed, they’re more likely to do so, which naturally leads to more collaboration.

Provide the Proper Tools

In the property management field, people work from wherever they happen to be. This can inadvertently lead to a sense of disconnect amongst employees. Overcome this risk by providing your team with the tools and technology they need to stay connected to one another. For instance, adopting an enterprise social network, or using video conferencing can really bring people together regardless of their physical location.

Identify and Foster Leadership

Some people are just natural born leaders. Be cognizant of how your employees interact and you’ll begin to identify those who truly embrace and embody collaboration. Once you’ve pinpointed these individuals, foster their gifts and place them in positions where they can truly shine.

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Define Goals and Set Expectations

What could your property management team accomplish if they worked together more cohesively? Define the goals you have for your organization and drill down as many layers as possible, then clearly set and communicate these expectations to your employees. In other words, don’t just tell your team to collaborate, give them a specific reason to do so. When people recognize the role they play in their business’ objectives, they’re more likely to give it their all.

If you want your property management firm to grow and continue to remain a step ahead of the competition, you need innovation. To achieve innovation, you must have adequate internal collaboration. These five simple steps can help you to quickly develop an atmosphere within your company that will have employees connecting, collaborating and creating before you know it.

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