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5 Reasons You Need to Start Leveraging Influencer Marketing for Your Property Management Business

5_Reasons_You_Need_to_Start_Leveraging_Influencer_Marketing_for_Your_Property_Management_Business.jpgWikipedia defines “influencer marketing” as a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, the business instead focuses on rallying “influencers” to help get the word out about the brand. In today’s digital age, influencer marketing is most commonly applied through social channels. If you’re not doing so already, here’s why you should consider adopting this type of marketing strategy for your organization.

It’s Incredibly Powerful

We all know how valuable traditional word-of-mouth marketing can be. Why? Because people feel more confident doing business with a brand that has been recommended by someone they know and trust. Research has shown, however, that today’s consumers trust online reviews and social media influence just as much as they would if the recommendation had come from a friend or family member. So, if you can get people talking about your property management services on their social channels, you’re a step ahead of the game.

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It’s Real

Think about the various marketing tactics you’ve encountered personally. What is more influential to you… a billboard image of a logo or an actual two-way interaction with that brand? This is why influencer marketing is so effective. It’s inherently social, which means it allows your brand to come to life on a more realistic and personal basis. These types of connections are much more powerful than any ad or other traditional marketing method.

It’s Cost-Effective

While there may be some expenses involved in influencer marketing, depending on the approach you take, generally speaking, it’s a very cost-effective way to reach the masses. Even if you invest in something like a brand ambassador campaign, as long as you’re diligent about vetting your “influencers,” the amount you spend is very likely to reap significant ROI. That’s because every reward you extend comes in exchange for access to hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of prospects.

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It’s Measurable

One of the greatest benefits of online marketing – influencer marketing included – is that it’s easy and efficient to track and measure the results. Virtually every social interaction that occurs with your brand online can be stored, analyzed and turned into a plan to get even better results in the future. The more data you can obtain about your target audience and your advertising performance, the better.

It’s Good for SEO

Finally, as an added bonus, influencer marketing can also be a powerful booster of search engine performance. That’s because a significant portion of the ranking algorithm is dedicated to how much of an authority a brand has in its given industry or niche. The more people you have talking about your property management brand online, the more you will be recognized by the search engines as being a respected and trusted expert.

Are you using influencer marketing to gain greater brand recognition and grow your property management organization? Do you have tips and tricks you can share with others? Please feel free to comment with your thoughts in the space below.

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