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5 More Property Management Blog Ideas

5_More_Property_Management_Blog_IdeasBy now you probably know the importance of maintaining an active property management blog on your website. Not only does this keep the search engines happy (thereby keeping your site at the top of the search results), but it also helps to both attract new clientele and establish a long-term relationship with existing customers. The trick is producing content that is valuable and share-worthy — but coming up with topic ideas can be challenging, which is why we shared some suggestions in the past. If you’re still struggling in this department, here are a few more ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Share Resources

Do the legwork for your customers and share your findings in a blog post (or several). What types of resources could help your audience? This could really be anything. The key is to think about what the pain points or challenges are that your customers are dealing with, and then present them with the solution.

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Keep Them Informed

Local news and current events make for excellent and timely blog posts. Simply keep on top of what’s going on in the communities where you’re targeting your clientele and turn those stories into informative blog posts. Do this enough and your property management company could turn into quite the trusted local resource in your area.

Help Them Save Money

Everyone loves to save a few dollars wherever possible, so why not capitalize on this by sharing tips and advice on saving money. Whether it’s a guide with affordable renovation tips or even which local gas station offers the cheapest petro, keep your eye out for cost-cutting ideas and then share them with your followers.

Showcase Your “Best Of”

Each month, choose one property you manage or a long-standing customer that you can interview and showcase what’s awesome about them in a blog post. If you also act as a landlord at any of your properties, share details about available listings and then post on social media channels to spread the word.

Answer FAQs

What better way to give readers what they want than by answering their most commonly asked questions? Come up with a list of property management inquiries that come in often, and ask others in your office to do the same. Then, choose 3-5 questions and list them in a blog posts with their answers. If you have enough of them, this can turn into several blog post opportunities.

Of course, along with quality topics, it’s also important that you use appropriate keywords throughout your blog posts. This will help achieve your ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness and growing your property management company.

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