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5 Fundamentals of a Strong Property Management Brand

5 Fundamentals of a Strong Property Management Brand.jpgOne of the most important components of running a successful business is establishing and solidifying your company brand. This will demonstrate to everyone – your customers, your prospects and your employees – who your property management company is, what you stand for, what your mission is and most importantly, what they can expect when they interact with you. If you haven’t invested in branding or you feel like your current brand isn’t quite as solid as it should be, here are 5 fundamental steps to start turning things around.

Define your purpose

Obviously your overarching goal is to make money and grow your business, but operating solely under that pretense won’t do very much to set your brand apart. Your purpose should go deeper than basic business goals. It should be what makes your company stand out in the heavily saturated property management field. Think about Ikea. They sell furniture, but their vision is to “create a better everyday life,” which is so much deeper.

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Tap into emotion

Your top leaders may be all business all the time but your customers certainly aren’t. To the contrary, consumers tend to make decisions based on emotions rather than rationality. You can capitalize on this by incorporating relationship-building into your brand strategy. Figure out what matters most to your target audience and then incorporate a solution into your company branding. For instance, while you view yourself as a property management company, your customers likely see your services as providing peace of mind.

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Be consistent

Another important component of strong branding is establishing and maintaining a sense of consistency across any and all channels. The goal is to ensure that every single interaction that someone has with your brand is the same, regardless of when, where and how it occurs. This includes everything from logo design and brand colors to the voice and tone with which you communicate to your customers and prospects. Create a style guide and start unifying your approach in every area.

Involve your employees

In addition to consistency of style, if you want your brand to stand out, you have to involve your employees in the process. Every single individual who works for your company should have a clear understanding of how they should interact and communicate with others when they are representing your brand. For example, if your vision involves tapping into the peace of mind concept, then your employees should embody empathy, understanding and support.

Be aware of your competitors 

You’re not the only property management company on the block and chances are you’re going after many of the same customers as your competitors. Take some time to watch what they’re doing. Learn what’s working for them and where their weaknesses are so you can hone your own brand accordingly. Remember – the goal of strong branding is to make your company stand out amidst the masses. Identifying ways to differentiate yourself will help you achieve that goal.

Creating a solid brand for your company takes hard work and determination. The five steps listed above should help you develop and implement a strategy that will help you emerge as a leader in the industry and a provider that your customers and prospects will come to know and trust.


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