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4 Tips to Make Your Property Management Business More Mobile

4 tips to make your property management business more mobileIf you think mobile marketing isn’t important, think again. In fact, according to research conducted by For Rent, an impressive 84% of prospective renters search for resident vacancies using their mobile devices. That means that if you’re not yet embracing mobile technology, you are likely missing out on more quality leads and subsequently more incoming revenue. Not sure where to begin? No problem. Here are 4 simple strategies to get your property management company pointed in the right direction.

Invest in Responsive Design 

What this means is that your website is designed to perform at its best regardless of what type of device it’s viewed on. For example, whether a prospective client visits your site using his or her laptop or smartphone, the pages will adjust according to screen size for optimum user experience. If your website isn’t responsive, the time to change is now.

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Use SMS 

The acronym SMS stands for ‘short message service,’ but is really just a fancy term for text messaging. From a marketing perspective, SMS is a powerful tool because unlike email or social media it allows you to reach your prospects right where they are at any given moment in time. People simply opt-in, just like they would for your email newsletter, and you can then communicate with and market to them via text. What’s more, you can segment your recipients to deliver even more targeted messages.

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Mobile-Friendly Email 

At last check, some 74% of people who own smartphones or tablets use them to access their emails. Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately for your property management organization – many businesses still haven’t taken the steps necessary to optimize their email marketing messages for mobile. That means by doing so, you’ll stay a step ahead of the competition while also improving performance both in terms of new client conversions and existing customer satisfaction levels.

Combining Mobile and Social 

Did you know that the average adult spends nearly 5 hours every day on their mobile device? A good chunk of that time is spent surfing social media sites. The good news is, these platforms have already been optimized for mobile, so all you need to do is make sure you are taking full advantage of the social media marketing trend by remaining active and engaging. You may also want to consider investing in social media ads.

Like it or not, today’s consumers require on-demand satisfaction from the brands with which they choose to work. They want to be able to get the information they need at their fingertips on whatever device happens to be most convenient to them at any given moment in time. By investing in the development of a mobile strategy, you will position your company for ongoing success today and well into the future.

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