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4 Key Characteristics of Strong Property Management Leadership

4_Key_Characteristics_of_Strong_Property_Management_LeadershipWe recently shared 7 characteristics that most successful property managers have, one of which was leadership. Because this is such an important skill, we thought it would be helpful to delve further into what makes a great leader. And while some people are born with natural leadership ability, others are not. The good news is, there are certain elements that one can hone in order to develop into an influential and impactful leader. Here are 4 such traits.

Exceptional Communication Skills

It’s been said that a true leader doesn’t yield his or her power over others, but instead empowers others to become greater than they already are. One of the key ways of doing so is through the ability to clearly, articulately and effectively communicate with others. This allows everyone to understand exactly what’s expected of them as well as the role they play in the bigger picture that will drive the success of your organization as a whole.

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Emotional Intelligence 

This type of intelligence is defined as the ability to identify, evaluate and control emotions and it’s widely considered to be a critical element of good leaders. The reason is simple. When you are in charge of managing a team, you must be able to handle any situation that may arise, including those that are emotionally charged. You must also be able to recognize the feelings of your fellow property managers and use that information to develop a positive, productive work environment.

Honor / Integrity

This characteristic is a bit trickier than the others because it’s subjective and can therefore be interpreted differently depending on by whom. Generally speaking, however, good leaders are honest, trustworthy and have strong moral principles. When leading other property managers, everyone you encounter should understand exactly where you stand and why. This fosters confidence, which inspires loyalty, both of which are important in terms of leadership.

People Skills

Because the purpose behind strong leadership is to inspire and empower others, the ability to read people is essential. This is how a leader is able to identify strengths and weaknesses in those on his or her team and find a way to foster the good and improve on the not-so-good. From this, new leaders can emerge to further push forward the company’s strategic objectives.

Managing a team of busy property managers and other support staff is about more than just barking orders and checking work. It’s about developing your own leadership skills so that you can create and nurture a team of empowered, faithful individuals who will know exactly what needs to be done, how to achieve those goals and, most importantly, why. As a result, your property management business will flourish even in the most turbulent times.


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