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Property Managers: Automate Check Printing and Signing

Property Managers Automate Check Printing and SigningIf this blog title captured your interest, we might venture to guess that you have far too many checks to approve and sign each month. And perhaps while your hand is cramping up during the monthly John Hancock marathon, you’re thinking that your time could be better spent doing something a little less mundane — like making more money for the company instead of signing it away.

Employing the same technology used by banks and Fortune 500 companies, the INFO-Tracker™ Secure Check Printing Bundle significantly reduces the number of checks to be signed manually each month. Have your AP department automate the authorized signature process by setting a threshold in INFO-Tracker’s accounting module, for approved payment amount. Checks within this limit will be automatically “signed” with either 1 or 2 digitized signatures.

The industry standard precision of our check printing technology, which includes the MICR font, printer and toner cartridge, guarantees acceptance by financial institutions while protecting your organization against check fraud. Our turnkey MICR check printing solution also includes your digitized company logo, for printing on checks and other documents.

Given that the INFO-Tracker™ Secure Check Printing Bundle is fully integrated with INFO-Tracker’s AP module, your accounting staff can initiate a check run on behalf of any corporation within your portfolio, with all corresponding information printed directly on to the check. This means that you don’t have to keep boxes of check stock inventory sitting around for every entity under your management. What will you do with all that extra space? — maybe that’s a future blog topic!

INFO-Tracker’s turn-key MICR and check printing solution includes:

  • MICR Font
  • MICR Printer & Toner Cartridge
  • Digitized Printing Secure Bundle
    — Digitized Company Logo for printing on checks and other documents
    — Digitized Signatures
    with Auto Check Signing option within set amount limit
  • 1 year onsite printer support
  • 100% MICR pass guarantee

Book the free webinar for more information on how to fully automate your check printing and mailing process.


Is your organization looking to eliminate the use of checks completely? To learn how to pay vendors and owner investors via Electronic Funds Transfer, contact


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