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Property Management Leadership – 4 Tips for Delivering Difficult Feedback

Property Management Leadership – 4 Tips for Delivering Difficult Feedback.pngWhen it comes to positions of leadership, delivering feedback to others is par for the course. Unfortunately, not all of that feedback will always be positive. Having tough conversations isn’t always easy, but if you want your property management company to continue on the path of success and profitability, it’s inevitable. If you find yourself struggling at times to deliver tough messages, here are a few things you can try that just might make the experience go a little more smoothly.

Be Positive

There’s really no point in putting off or dreading that uncomfortable conversation you’ve got ahead of you, so make an effort to consciously keep a positive attitude. Like it or not, being a leader involves coaching and correction from time to time, as well as having to deliver bad news. Change your mindset and you may find the task at hand isn’t quite as daunting as you first thought. For example, instead of providing negative feedback to an employee, look at it as constructive criticism and an opportunity to help someone grow and develop.

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Prepare Ahead of Time

To be effective, you must be able to deliver your message in a way that is both calm and clear. That means not letting your emotions get in the way. It also means being able to respond to the other party in an appropriate manner. Planning the conversation in advance can help you work through your own feelings and get to a place where you are comfortable saying what needs to be said. It also allows you to practice for various scenarios and potential reactions from the other party so you’ll know how to respond when the time comes. If necessary, jot down some notes or make a bullet-pointed list to help you remember the important points you want to make.

Determine When, Where and How

There may never be a perfect place for delivering bad news or having a tough conversation, but setting the scene as best you can helps to maintain your composure and hopefully facilitate a smoother experience for everyone involved. Keep in mind that the ‘right place’ may not even be your office. It could be the coffee shop down the street or the break room when nobody else is around. Time-wise, try to plan your discussion in advance. Don’t rush into things. Finally, figure out the best way to get your message across. All of these things can really make a difference in how feedback is received within your organization.

Just Do It

Few people enjoy delivering negative feedback or addressing problems in the workplace, but as a leader in your property management company, it’s simply a part of your job. Don’t stall or drag your feet. Acknowledge what needs to be said and get on with it. The sooner you get that uncomfortable conversation over with, the sooner you can get back to focusing on other more uplifting things. And don’t forget to balance your corrections with a few well-deserved compliments. When there’s positive mixed in, it can make the few negatives a lot easier to take.

When managed properly, tough feedback can motivate others to perform better, stimulate creativity and innovation and encourage more open and honest communication – all of which are essential to the ongoing success of your property management firm. As a leader, your task is to hold those tough conversations when necessary and use them as a catalyst for positive change. The above tips should make doing so a little bit easier.


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