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Leveraging Mobile Tools in Property Management

Leveraging Mobile Tools in Property ManagementStaying relevant in the ever-changing property management industry means staying in tune with all the latest trends. For years now the role of technology in the world has evolved. Technology and innovation are embedded in society and business.  Currently mobile technology serves a great advantage for property managers. Beyond offering a mobile friendly website, property managers can leverage mobile applications to streamline business operations.


Social media is a great platform to engage clients and create brand awareness. In North America, over 262 million people use smartphones and 96 per cent of people use those phones for socializing and communication. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all offer mobile applications and ad services where you can easily input advertisements tailored to the specific audience for your business. Mobile social tools also give prospects and clients the opportunity to contact you while you are on the move.

Applicant Screening

Success in property management hinges greatly on keeping occupancy rates as low as possible. But with all the other things on your plate, finding the time to manually process tenant applications can be challenging. Not only does property management software centralize this process, but it also makes every step accessible on the go. So, now you can screen and manage applicants whenever and wherever it’s optimal for your schedule. 

Time Tracking

How much time does your payroll department spend each week keeping track of employee work hours? Mobile applications can streamline this process, freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks while also ensuring accuracy and compliance. Netintegrity’s Timesheet Link Mobile app, for example, enables property managers to track and manage payroll. And all of this can be done without sitting at a computer. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you’re in business.

Payment Processing

Manual processing of rent checks and other incoming payables not only bogs down your team, wasting their talent and cognitive skills, but it can also hinder cash flow for your entire property management business. Mobile banking, and other money transfer apps enable quick and easy payments and financial transactions when there are time crunches. Utilizing mobile payment options is more convenient for the payee, saves your staff time and makes cash more quickly and easily accessible. In other words, it’s a win-win-win!


Maintenance is imperative to property management companies retaining and attracting residents, but it can be hard to stay on top of service requests, routine maintenance, and the inevitable emergencies. Keeping track of all those requests can feel like a full time job inof itself. A mobile application built for the complexities of maintenance allows property managers to have all the essential maintenance functions at the palm of their hand.  

INFO-Tracker’s TimeSheetLink Mobile offers property managers freedom, flexibility and control to busy property managers. The app enables work order management in real time.The good news is, with the right property management software, you can get all of the functionality listed above in one easy-to-use, unified platform. To see the power of mobile in action, request a demo of INFO-Tracker today.




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