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Increase Efficiency, Performance and Bottom Line Fully Integrated Community Portal Solution

Tenants • Owners • Vendors • Board of Directors

What is INFO-Tracker Portal? A fully integrated Web based solution specifically design to assist property management companies, condominiums and home owner associations, non-profit organizations and board of directors to establish online environment providing functional yet secure set of tools for a more streamlined environment with an extended and convenient number of services and offerings.

In addition, INFO-Tracker Portal will:

  • Increase corporate visibility

  • Implement and maintain Community Based environment

  • Improve communications between staff, tenants, unit owners and board members

  • Provide access to tenant and owners to their ledgers

  • Eliminate data duplication and redundancy

  • Generate savings

  • Implement new billable services

  • Increase organizational profitability

Platform for Growth

Gain competitive advantage with INFO-Tracker Portal and grow your portfolio without the need for additional resources. To learn how, please contact sales department at sales@netintegrity.net.


  • Expand service offerings

  • Create new sources of revenue

  • Offer convenience options

  • Reduce calls received by the office

  • Reduce cost of mailing

Key Features

  • Administrative Management

    Integrated Report Writer, Contact Management with: Owners, Board of Directors and Vendors, Violation Management and Letter Generation, Automated Document Management, 1000+ automated reports, graphs and notices, Export to: Word, Excel, Adobe (PDF) and many others

  • Owner and Tenant Portals

    Electronic payments, Online Ledger, Work Order requests, Facility Booking, Parking Requests and Permits

  • Purchasing & Asset Management

    Automated Inventory Control, Automated Contract Management, Integrated Asset Management, Purchase Order Tracking and Administration, Compete Service History of each Asset, Automated Monitoring and Tracking

  • Vendor Portal

    Vendor Online Bidding, Online Purchase Order processing, Online Work Order Tracking and Completion

  • Management ToolBox

    Management Dashboard, Automated Generation of Corporate Financial Statements, Performance and Profitability Reporting and Analysis

  • Board of Directors

    Customer tailored to your specific service needs

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