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How to Streamline the Property Maintenance Process

How to Streamline the Property Maintenance ProcessAs a property manager, maintenance requests are part of daily life. Even the best-kept property will inevitably require some type of attention from time to time, whether it’s a routine service call or an unexpected repair. Having a plan in advance for how you will handle these requests can minimize stress, move things along more efficiently and ensure that your tenants stay happy and loyal. If you haven’t yet done so, here’s a simple strategy to make the property maintenance process a breeze.

How will requests be submitted

There are different options for this. While some property managers prefer to keep things casual and informal, having a policy that requires that all maintenance requests be formally submitted is a wiser choice. This is because formal requests can be tracked, whereas informal ones can easily slip through the cracks.

The process for handling maintenance requests should be specifically spelled out as part of your lease agreement so that all residents know what steps they need to take in order to have their request processed. The easiest and most efficient way to collect maintenance requests is via property management software. The tenant would simply go online, fill out the required form and click submit.

Be sure you also have an emergency policy in place in the even that a maintenance request requires immediate attention, such as a burst pipe or heating system failure in the winter time.

Who will handle property maintenance requests

The next step in developing an efficient property maintenance process is determining who will be responsible for handling incoming requests. If you operate a small property management company, this might be yourself or one of your regular employees. If your firm is larger, you might designate an individual or dedicated team to handle these requests as part of their normal work duties. In either case, having a plan in place for who will check for incoming requests, as well as when and how frequently is important.

In addition to figuring out who will field requests, you should also have a formal list of maintenance personnel and how they can be contacted if needed. For instance, your property maintenance plan might list out the following experts:

  • Handyman for basic repairs
  • Plumber for pipes and drain issues
  • Electrician for electrical problems
  • Emergency contacts for late night and weekend maintenance issues

How will requests be processed

Last, but not least, you’ll want to develop a workflow for how incoming property maintenance requests will be handled. Coming up with a proposed strategy for a variety of different scenarios is strongly recommended. For instance, make a list of possible repairs and strategize who should be contacted for each one. This will eliminate confusion and keep the process flowing quickly and smoothly.

Staying on top of the maintenance of the properties you manage is a critical component of success. The tips above should help you streamline the process and ensure that even the most unexpected situations are handled with ease.

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