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How to Recognize True Innovators within Your Property Management Company

How to Recognize True Innovators within Your Property Management CompanyAre you an innovator? Perhaps. But as with any soft skill, being one and recognizing that ability in others are two different things. As a property management leader, part of your job is to find new or improved ways to do business. Having a tribe of like-minded individuals also championing this cause is a much better way to achieve your company goals, but you have to find those individuals first. So, if identifying innovators isn’t your strong point, here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction.

Innovators recognize market needs

The goal of any business is to identify a need and deliver the best possible solution to that need. Innovators take this a step further and are constantly scanning the marketplace for changing needs and the new opportunities they present. Top innovators will be able to identify these things before people even realize they need them. Encourage your property management team to brainstorm and share ideas. You never know what amazing new opportunity might come as a result.

Innovators develop ideal solutions

Once an innovator identifies a need, they tend to work tirelessly to find the most effective solution possible. They also work continuously to hone and perfect that solution. Even if it’s suitable today, that doesn’t mean it can’t be better tomorrow. Innovators are never satisfied with the status quo, but instead strive for continuous process improvement. Be open to hearing your employees’ suggestions and recommendations on how your property management company can be even more successful.

Innovators aren’t afraid to take chances

A true innovator understands that not all of their ideas will be winners, and they’re ok with that. In fact, they’re secure enough in their abilities that they’re more than willing to put themselves out there, even if their concept might potentially fail. Look for team members who are bold, confident and independent thinkers.

Innovators are willing to push the boundaries

The very concept of innovation is that it presents things that aren’t “the norm.” Real innovators recognize the need to think outside the box and step out of their comfort zone in order to find and try things that haven’t been done before. Empower your property management team to think creatively and use their imagination to dream up ideas that will push the envelope.

Innovators create meaning

Innovators don’t just create a product or service for the sake of doing so. They do it because they want to make as big an impact as possible. They want to help their customers, make peoples’ lives easier, provide a better solution than anyone else is offering and get people to think differently. In fact, true innovation can spawn entirely new industries, but there’s always meaning behind the madness.

Innovation will ultimately set your property management company apart. And given the competitive nature of our industry, this is the golden ticket to present and future success. Look for employees within your company who possess some or all of the above traits and then do whatever it takes to nurture those innate abilities. As a result, they will thrive and help bring your firm to the next level.

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