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How to Differentiate Yourself as a Property Manager

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Property Manager-1Let’s face it. Property managers are a dime a dozen. The only way to realize true, sustainable success in such a saturated industry is to find a way to cut through the noise and stand out in a crowd. You don’t want to be just another fish in the sea. You want to position yourself as a leader and a trusted resource in the industry. To do this, you need to build a business that can’t be replicated. And if you want different results than your competitors, you have to be willing to do things differently. Here are four ways to do just that.

Prioritize Respect

There are four keys to this first step, as follows:

  • Become a thought leader by creating and sharing unique and valuable content
  • Use your expertise as a property manager to build credibility
  • Build and nurture trust by continuously solving your clients’ problems
  • Develop a rapport by being genuine and relatable

Define and Clarify Your Message

The next step in differentiating yourself as the best property manager in your area is to sort out your brand messaging. To do this, you must first define and clarify what you want to say and then create a content plan that you can use to tell your story. This will help you to build and nurture trust even before you reach out to your prospects.

The key here is to craft a message that your clients will relate to, not what you think they want to hear. Always put yourself in the shoes of the customer so that you can genuinely understand their needs, pain points and preferences. Then, hone your message so that it resonates deeper with your target audience. The more your story speaks to your prospects, the more your brand will stand out.

Create an image that attracts your ideal clients.

Next, you’ll want to figure out what your perfect client looks for in a property manager. Specifically, what characteristics might they a.) find the most attractive in terms of lead generation and b.) valuable in terms of long-term retention? It’s important to look at both pieces because if you focus just on generating leads, you might lose them in the long run. Likewise, you can’t achieve a primary goal of client satisfaction if you’re not bringing in new business to wow.

When your ideal client comes across your profile or website online, they should be able to quickly and accurately ascertain what they can expect from you and your business. Make sure what you share is relevant and tailored to speak to your target audience.

Be a problem solver.

And not just any problem solver. The best problem solver. People look for products and services as a way to make their lives easier. Specifically, your ideal client is probably struggling with the day to day operations of their properties, whether it’s because they’re inexperienced or they simply don’t have the time.

Your job is to position yourself as the property manager who can solve their problems better than anyone else in the market. It’s also important to make sure you are getting your message in front of the right people at the right time. Be strategic about when and where you place ads and marketing messages. Meet your audience where they’re at so you can start building those relationships and be the first to scoop them up when they need a property manager.

If you’re looking to grow your business, focus on standing out amongst your competition. You can do this by establishing yourself as a thought leader, developing clear brand messaging that resonates with your ideal client, building and nurturing trust and presenting yourself as the best and only solution for your customers.

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