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How to Adapt Your Leadership in a World of Hyper-Change

How to Adapt Your Leadership in a World of Hyper-ChangeEver wish you had a GPS to help you navigate the rapidly evolving business realm? That way you’d know that every turn you took, every decision you made and every direction you headed would be correct. Unfortunately, it’s not this easy. In fact, without a navigational tool, finding your way in a world that is ever-changing can seem like a never-ending battle. Today’s property management leaders must develop and routinely re-calibrate their own internal compasses to help guide their decisions and enable them to keep their teams moving in the right direction.

Experts indicate that today’s organizations require an entirely new set of rules in order to effectively manage the modern workforce. These new rules are starkly different, focusing more on soft skills and EQ values rather than IQ and traditional work skills. Today’s property management leaders must learn how to balance confidence and humility in order to exude a calm, assertive energy. They must embrace their inner creativity, remain flexible and become agile enough to drive continued, sustainable growth.

In an age where change is becoming more accelerated by the day, leaders must learn how to give their employees roots that will keep them grounded and provide a sense of purpose, while at the same time providing a set of wings to empower them to explore, learn and grow.

If you are looking to pilot your property management organization into new, different or otherwise unchartered territory, you’ll need to adopt the following values to realize success:

Invest in relationships

The success of your company doesn’t lie solely on your ability to innovate the property management industry. It’s equally – if not more important – to invest in people and the relationships built with them. When your employees know they can trust one another as well as the leaders at the helm, the company will be able to survive even the choppiest of waters. The same goes for external relationships. Technology is great, but the real way to win your customers’ loyalty is by augmenting high-tech with high-touch.

Embrace diversity

We’ve discussed this many times before, but it’s so important that it’s worth mentioning again (and again.) The most effective leaders are those who surround themselves with people who bring different perspectives, experiences and ideas to the table. Striking a balance that invites and encompasses the various contributions of others that differ from our own is critical, especially in a world of hyper-change. Doing so will enable your business to push boundaries and experience real, sustainable growth.

Figure out what motivate others

The best business leaders find a way to not only motivate people to do what they want, but aligning them with the tasks that they are naturally good at. Just as coaches position players to maximize their strongest skills for the good of themselves and the team, managers should focus their efforts on identifying each individual worker’s strengths and then learning what will motivate them to give 110%. Learn how to recognize and deploy people where they’ll be most fulfilled and therefore most effective.

Clarify your vision

Your property management company’s vision is like the rudder that keeps the organization on course. It’s less about the “how” and more about the “what” and “why.” When you understand with great clarity exactly what you’re capable of accomplishing and you are passionate about why, it can open exciting new doors of possibilities for how you can achieve those goals and aspirations. Then, it’s just a matter of sharing that vision with everyone else on your team.

Be courageous

For the most infamous leaders of the past, courage wasn’t just one of their virtues. It was the stimulant for all of their virtues. Being able to steadfastly persevere through all of the setbacks and obstacles that stand between a vision and its realization is what defines a true leader. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It is the ability to manage and overcome that fear. If you want to be a visionary and make an impact on the property management industry, you must summon your inner courage and hold fast to it, every step of the way.

What say you? Do you have some inspiration to share with other property management leaders? Have you discovered the secret to navigating change? We’d love to hear from you! Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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