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INFO-Tracker Condo/HOA Module

Property Management Solution for:

Condominium Corporations and Condominium Managers, Home Owner Associations and HOA Managers

Most Advanced Condo/HOA Management Solution

Power of Automation

Take advantage of fully automated processes specifically designed for day-to-day management and administration of Condominium Corporations. When managing large Condominium Portfolio, you will be glad to know that all processes can be done for multiple corporations with a click of a button.

Condo/HOA Specific Functions

INFO-Tracker significantly simplifies the process of Condominium Fees and Special Assessment calculations. With fully integrated Budget module, users are able to effortlessly perform all management functions.

Ease of Use and Reporting

Property managers do not need to have a science degree to use effectively their management software. Working in the industry and providing effective user-friendly solutions, INFO-Tracker is designed for ease of use and reporting.

Community Based Platform

Extend the power of technology to your community where unit owners can process on-line payments, issue maintenance requests, review their ledgers, re-print their receipts and be informed of all activities related to their corporation.. To learn how, please contact sales department at sales@netintegrity.net.

  • Single Vendor fully Integrated Management S/W

  • Enhance Service Offerings to YOUR Customers

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention

  • Site and Head Office Functions and Controls

  • Access from Anywhere Anytime

  • Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

  • Owner Management including:
    • One Owner with Multiple Units
    • One Unit with Multiple Owners

  • Track Ownership Transfers and Associated Charges

  • Site Management and Unit Activity Analysis

  • Automated Owner Statements

  • Automated Condominium Fee Calculations and Billing

  • Financial statement report kit generator

  • Electronic Batch Payments

  • Automated Generation of Corporate Financial Statements

  • Performance and Profitability Reporting and Analysis

Pay Only for What You Need,

Adjustable for Any Portfolio Type


$1 Per Unit/ Month


$1.50 Per Unit/ Month


$1.25 Per Unit/ Month


$0.80 Per Unit/ Month

Minimum portfolio size required for implementation is 50 units. For 1000 units or above, call for pricing.

Realize your operational goals

Grow your portfolio without the need to hire any additional staff.

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