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Community Living – How to Handle Parking Rules

Community Living - How to Handle Parking Rules[35]

Living in a community like an HOA or COA, there are a number of areas where rules must be set to provide clarity and prevent potential conflict. One of the most common is centered on parking. Whether you’re new to the community management field or you just feel that your rules could use a little improvement, here are a few tips that our experts recommend.

Establish and document your policy clearly.

First and foremost, the HOA or COA board must sit down and dictate exactly what the rules are in regards to parking within the community. These rules should be clear and specific, leaving no room for misinterpretation, and they should be memorialized within your governing documents. This will set expectations for home owners, enable enforcement and help to maintain peace and order within the association.

Common HOA/COA Parking Rules

Exact rules may vary from community to community, however, most parking policies cover the same general concerns, such as the following:

  • What types of vehicles are allowed
  • Where homeowners are permitted to park their vehicles
  • How long a vehicle is allowed to remain parked in a given spot

Enforcing Parking Violations

As important as it is to define and document clear rules with regards to parking, it’s equally important to specify what the consequences will be should those rules be violated. While there are certain limitations on how much power a community board may have, the most common way of enforcing parking rules generally includes issuing a warning followed by levying a monetary fine. In some cases, depending on the community, there may be stiffer penalties, including revocation of privileges and towing of vehicles. Of course, these are typically used as a last resort, as they often result in further conflict.

Managing a community involves setting and enforcing policies that will help to maintain peace and order amongst home owners. Parking is an area where, if not properly regulated, tempers can flare and frustration can fester. By creating and implementing fair and specific rules, these issues can be mostly avoided, making community living much more enjoyable for everyone.

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