End User

Are you looking to train a diverse group of end users? We offer a variety of options all designed to provide cost and time effective implementation solution. Together with your management team we can tailor curriculum that will jump-start INFO-Tracker usage and productivity within your organization. To learn about training programs available, training dates and locations, please contact your account manager.

System Admin

To help you get started with INFO-Tracker and to make a real impact on your organization, our instructor-led courses are designed to take you there. If you are administrator or project team member this training program may be for you. To learn about training programs available, training dates and locations, please contact your account manager.

Ken Gibson, Client Services Supervisor

“During implementation and on an on-going basis, we have called upon Netintegrity for training, questions, and recommendations in different areas of the system. Consistently throughout the entire period we have received timely and knowledgeable support. At this time we rely on INFO-Tracker for many of its functions and it is comforting to know that their support is always there when needed. “

Customer Focused Excellence

NI objective is to provide you with knowledge and expertise structured to support all areas of your business: front line staff, management and technical services. We pride ourselves on delivering knowledgeable, cost-effective practical recommendations and value oriented solutions.

NI’s “Customer Focused Excellence” practical approach to consulting services strives to balance technological innovation, with realistic, feasible, cost-effective solutions. Our consulting objective includes:

Ranjan Basin, VP Accounting

“My staff found support and training provided by Netintegrity have been both effective, easy to follow and knowledgeable. Also, what has been most helpful is for my group of Chartered Accountants is to be able to communicate with support staff and that understands accounting. “

Solution Quote2

“As the business environment changes, INFO-Tracker changes with it to help property managers take care of their business today, while helping to build the business for tomorrow.”

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When combined with one another, the INFO-Tracker suite enables users to customize their experience by selecting what products are beneficial to their management in order to enhance their service offering.

Solution Message

The INFO-Tracker solution is designed to bring all property management needs under one roof. Eliminate the need for 3rd party products to manage your portfolio while only paying for the products that you need.