One Software Solution Does It All

INFO-Tracker™ property, maintenance and asset management software from Netintegrity, helps companies of all sizes, in every segment of the property management industry, transform operational data into business insights about company performance, cost control, customers and service delivery. This cost-effective, comprehensive and easy-to-use solution provides end to end automated functionality, flexibility, scalability and management controls that allow organizations to do more with limited resources. INFO-Tracker is customizable to reflect the unique workflow and business processes of every property management organization 

Single knowledge
based environment

Any device,

Multi portfolio

Over two decades of


Infrastructure for
unlimited growth

Benefits of the INFO-Tracker Cloud

Real time data

Having access to critical data in or near real-time can help your organization achieve a competitive advantage. The many benefits include an immediate insight into your operation and its efficiencies, 360-degree view of your customers, proactively mitigate and eliminating potential risks.

Access from Anywhere at Anytime

INFO-Tracker™ Dedicated Hosting Environment provides the computing resources and processes you need to run your business and manage your data. Users can easily access INFO-Tracker services anytime, anywhere, with complete confidence — without the hassles of managing computing infrastructure. From our data centers, Netintegrity delivers comprehensive security, high-availability, and data management so you can focus on building and growing your business.

Results in Seconds

The High-Availability infrastructure supports instant user access to up to that moment in time, accurate property, accounting and maintenance information.

Full Data Protection and Security

The INFO-Tracker security starts with strong encryption, role-based access controls and strong password policies, in addition to 24x7x365 layers of protection, including intrusion monitoring and automated data replication and backing up all day, every day.

Functions that set us apart

Automated electronic Banking

Integrated,real-time portals

Effective communication to all levels and customers

Flexible reporting for every customer’s unique needs

Security and Control Permissions

Routine and Preventative Maintenance modules

Streamline, Deliver, Delight

iTCare Training and Consulting solutions help you operate more efficiently, control costs, and foster ongoing process improvements.

We Understand Your Business Needs

Property Management Experts

Decades of experience working with leading property management companies means we know the property management business. Our tools are specific to your needs and designed with your success in mind. Regardless of non-profit, residential, commercial, or condominium, Netintegrity has the solution.

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

A culture based on constant learning and continuous improvement translates into the ability to change with the property management environment. Our integrated tools grow and adapt to fit changes within your organization with an expert support team behind you for the entire journey.

Ongoing Customer Support

Netintegrity support doesn’t end after implementation. Unlimited technical support, monthly system maintenance, and monthly training ensure your solution always provides the highest level of benefits to the company. Regular seminars and continual custom training programs ensure knowledge continues to grow and best practices continue.

Financial Strength

With 25 years in the business, Netintegrity is financially sound and constantly reinvesting in our products and customer support solutions. Stability and a commitment to excellence mean our customers stay with us year after year.

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