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6 Tips to Improve Marketing Conversion Rates

Netintegrity - Marketing Conversion RatesConversion rates are metric of how many people who receive your marketing material respond to a call to action essentially it measures how well your marketing is getting people to do what your material is asking them to do. Converting a lead can look different depending on your marketing material or advertising, it can be calling a number to request information, signing up for a subscription, opening an email, downloading resources and so much more. In digital marketing, conversion rates allows to closely track the performance of their professional material.

Present Clear Call to Action

Whatever content you’re creating whether it’s an email campaign, a company social media page, or a website there must be a decisive call to action (CTA) that is prominent to readers and gives clear directions. Color, strong action words or verbs, and even font choices all play a roll in creating an effective CTA but to be most effective your CTA must be presented with a benefit to the reader such as a prize, resource, or sales offer.


A CTA is effective when it’s positioned with a personalized value of the action being encouraged. Simply knowing that an offer exists and that you have access to it, isn’t enough to get someone to respond to a CTA. A website visitor must clearly see how your service or offering resonates with their specific needs before they won’t convert until there is a clear value in doing so.

Create Strategic Landing Pages

Marketing personalization matters, conversion rates are likely to increase when readers are seeing content that closely relates to them. According HubSpot a CTA coverts 202% better than a default version that does not change based on attributes of viewers.  When you’re designing your website, consider multiple landing pages that are targeted to distinct demographics, even if what you’re offering in your CTA is essentially the same. In 2018, Omnisend research found that landing pages were the lease popular sign up form but boasted the highest conversion rate at 23%.

Optimize Your Webpage

To drive conversion rates on your website, a visitor must be able to have a comfortable and seamless navigation experience. This means that your webpages should load quickly to maintain a seamless experience. Research conducted by Portent in 2019, determined that the first 5 seconds of “page-load” time were essential, every second afterwards would result in a 4.42% decrease in conversion rate

Mobile Ready      

In addition to page load, websites and any other digital marketing material should be mobile-ready. Globally, more than 52% of all web traffic is generated from a mobile device, and 60% of smartphone users have directly contacted a business directly using online search results. If a company’s online presence isn’t compatible, they risk alienating a large group of leads who may want sign up or complete a CTA, but physically can’t because the software doesn’t allow them.

Measure Progress

A good conversion rate depends on the channel and media but for a website contact page it can be considered anywhere from 2%-5%. However, instead of simply deciding what your conversion rate should be it’s more strategic to determine where your conversion rate stands now and set goals to increase that number across all those channels by tweaking your content, call to actions, and other variables. 

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