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5 Ways Your Property Management Business Can Benefit from the Right Software

5-ways-your-property-management-business-can-benefit-from-the-right-softwareProperty Management at its core is about people and relationships. On the surface it may appear to be about managing buildings and dealing with things like by-laws, maintenance and financial transactions, but at the end the day the over-arching purpose is to serve the needs of people — and hopefully make their lives a little more enjoyable.

While some may argue that technology has made the world more detached from human relationships, we believe that technology can be an indispensible tool for enhancing the lives of humans and offers the opportunity to support more positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Fully integrated end-to-end property management software can help your organization to achieve the following:

Increased Productivity & Costs Savings

Among the most impactful benefits of property management software are; it automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks and brings all data together under one centralized system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Tasks that typically take your staff hours or even days to complete can be performed with the click of one button and with 100% accuracy. Plus any authorized user in your company can instantly access accurate real time data, eliminating the need to interrupt co-workers and wait on responses.

For specific examples of time and money saved by industry leaders, read:
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Enhanced Communications

The right property management software facilitates efficient communications between internal departments as well as between property managers, customers and vendors.

For example, with mobile-ready software, property managers can stay in constant contact with maintenance staff, even when they are out in the field. Maintenance can view the most up-to-date schedule on their mobile devices and receive alerts for schedule changes with instant access to all job details, thereby eliminating the need to be interrupted by a phone call and scribble down notes.

On the customer side, property managers can effortlessly send out messages to owners and tenants individually or en masse, via email and text messaging.

While this is a great time-saving feature, even more time and cost savings can be realized with the capability to send notices and letters in bulk, with the system automatically populating the required fields with real-time data, and either mass emailing or printing the documents with the click of one button.

Increased Employee Engagement & Retention

At the end of the day, most employees just want to do good work and be recognized for the positive contributions they are making.

The benefits of reducing the number of interruptions and automating repetitive time-consuming tasks is that your staff can get more done in less time and experience less stress. They will feel productive and will have the time to be more proactive, putting their skills to use on tasks that are at a more strategic level.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

There are a number of ways that property management software can give a significant boost to customer service.

— happy engaged employees will provide better customer service and have more time to strategize on how to create even better experiences

— instant access to accurate customer data means issues and inquiries can be addressed on the spot — customers are never given “the run around”

— convenient self-service options can be delivered through customer portals that are fully integrated with the property management platform

— business intelligence that is made possible through comprehensive tracking and reporting will enable management to identify any issues, as well as opportunities to further improve customer service

Proactive Management & Unlimited Growth

As touched upon above, the significant time savings and comprehensive reporting and analysis made possible through quality property management software empowers companies to easily identify risks and opportunities and manage more proactively

On top of that, the automation of time-consuming repetitive tasks and the implementation of best practice workflows, along with efficient methods of communicating both internally and with customers, places property management companies in a solid position to expand their portfolio in a sustainable way, without the need to hire additional staff.



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