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5 Ways to Connect with Property Owners

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Building and nurturing relationships with property owners is an important part of your long-term success. After all, they are trusting you to manage their assets. Property managers who make a priority of connecting with their owners on a regular basis establish a strong reputation as industry leaders and trustworthy resources. If making these connections isn’t something that comes naturally to you, or if you’re just looking for a few new ideas, here are some ways you can reach out to property owners in your local community.

Narrow Down Your Target Audience

As in any business, identifying your ideal customer can really transform how your property management company operates. When you figure out specifically who you want to do business with, you can connect with that target audience in a way that is much more impactful. Consider the different demographics of various property owners in your area and focus on one or two of those groups. For instance, some property managers specialize in seniors who are downsizing but still want to own investment property.

Leverage SEO

What does your ideal client want or need? What things keep them up at night? Getting inside the heads of the individuals or business owners you are trying to target can help you develop a stronger SEO strategy, which will help you make more online connections. Make sure you’re optimizing your website for local search and also using keywords that speak specifically to the needs and desires of your targeted owners.

Communicate Through Your Blog

Another powerful tool property managers have in their client communication arsenal is blogging. Not only can you use this as a platform to deliver important news and announcements, but you can also leverage it to position yourself as a thought leader and a trusted resource within the property management industry. Sharing helpful and educational information will attract new business and keep existing clients informed and engaged, which can go a long way toward retention.

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Harness the Power of the Internet

There are many ways to use web technology to connect and stay in touch with property owners. For instance, property managers can use social media channels to share useful content, respond to inquiries, provide updates and more. Likewise, existing clients can take advantage of online portals that will enable them to get in touch and access the information they need at a few clicks of a button.


In the digital age, it’s easy to forget the importance of face-to-face interactions, but for property managers, this can provide competitive advantage. Once you’ve identified your target audience, seek out opportunities to make in-person connections. Host and/or attend local events. Get your face and your employees’ faces in front of your prospects and clients. Shake hands. Be present. The more you do so, the stronger the relationships you will build, which will serve you well down the road.

Interacting with prospects and clients is the key to success as a property manager. The more resources you use to stay connected, such as the suggestions listed above, the better your business will perform as a result.

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