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5 Ways Mobile Devices Can Boost Property Management Performance

5_ways_mobile_devices_boost_property_management_performanceWhile mobile devices have permeated both our personal and our work lives, the property management industry has a bit of a reputation for being hesitant to embrace new technologies. It could be because of the perceived upfront investment required, or the fact that both frontline staff and middle management are sometimes resistant to change.

However there are a number of compelling reasons why it would greatly benefit the bottom line of any property management business to jump on board the mobile bandwagon.

Here are 5 common property management tasks that your staff can perform by accessing INFO-Tracker™ SiteLink™ with a mobile device.

1. Respond to customer inquiries

Boost your customer service and the professional image of your organization by responding to any customer inquiry instantly, while you still have that customer on the phone. No more follow up calls and interruptions, or making customers wait while you contact head office to get the required information.

2. Create incident reports

Enter incident reports directly into your property management system from wherever you are, saving time and improving accuracy of the details recorded.

3. Create work orders

Generate work orders right on the spot, as you encounter property maintenance issues that need to be addressed or as you receive requests from residents either in person, by phone, email, etc.

4. Run security checks

Enhance efficiency and property security by looking up vehicle license plates documented in the system, while conducting security patrols.

5. Complete Time Sheets

With the VendorLink™ module of INFO-Tracker™, your Maintenance staff can view their schedule and work order details, plus complete their time sheets — all while still in the field.

Each of the above goes a long way to save time, reduce costs, enhance customer service and make the job of property managers a whole lot easier.

You can maximize the effectiveness of working remotely by ensuring that you have the best device for your needs. Read up on the 12 Best Smartphones and Mobile Phones.

™ is an online extension of INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software, that enables property managers to perform critical tasks from anywhere at any time.

Find out what more INFO-Tracker™ SiteLink™ can do for your staff and customers.

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