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5 Things Your Property Management Employees Want (Besides a Raise)

5_Things_Your_Property_Management_Employees_Want_Besides_a_Raise.jpgThere is often a huge disconnect between what employees actually want and what those in leadership think they want. As a result, many otherwise successful organizations are losing the war for talent. Simply put, if you’re not keeping your employees happy and engaged, someone else will and your property management company will ultimately suffer as a result. That said, let’s go over some of the common things today’s employees say matter most to them (hint: it’s not money).

To Feel Proud 

Gone are the days when rote work was a fulfilling way to earn a living. Today’s talented professionals are seeking employment that challenges them and makes them feel as though they’re truly making an impact, whether it’s their role within a smaller team or the part they play in the bigger picture.

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To Receive Honest Feedback 

There’s a reason some of the world’s top brands are moving away from traditional performance review processes, such as the annual review. Instead, workers want real-time feedback. If they’re doing well, a simple acknowledgement goes a long way. Likewise, they appreciate the opportunity for coaching so they can grow and improve.

To Be Heard 

That feedback we spoke about in the last point? Well, it goes both ways. Happy, engaged employees feel like they can come to leadership with open, honest thoughts and ideas. More importantly, they want to see that what they’re sharing is being heard and making a difference.

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To Have a Work/Life Balance 

In today’s always-connected world, the lines between our personal and professional lives are continuing to blur. This is especially true in the demanding field of property management. Good employees want to work hard, but they also want to know that it’s ok – even encouraged – to also enjoy some down time.

To Be Trusted 

If your property management business leaders feel the need to micromanage employees or to keep them on a short leash, HR is going to become a revolving door. As long as you’re diligent about hiring the right people, you should be able to let them work when, how and even where they feel they’re most productive.

Is your property management firm aligned with the above cited needs and wants? The ability, and more importantly, the willingness to make these things a priority within your organization will help differentiate you from the competition and make your company a place that talented individuals actually want to work.

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