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5 Marketing Tips for Your HOA Management Company

With thousands of HOA management companies vying for the same business, it’s imperative that you do everything within your power to make yours stand out. One way to accomplish this is through strategic marketing. The goal is to not only get your company noticed, but further nurture leads and guide prospects through the sales funnel. Whether you’re just starting out or your existing marketing strategy could use a little help, here are five areas to focus on for optimal results.

Invest in your website.

These days, it’s not enough to just have a website. You need a site that is dynamic, optimized and representative of your brand. After all, it’s the very first impression you’ll make on many prospective customers. Make sure your website is modern, attractive and easy to use. Optimize it for your keywords so your audience can find you through online searches. And most importantly, be sure to highlight what makes your business different.

Establish a strong social media presence.

In addition to a great website, you can also leverage social media to spread the message about your HOA management services. Set up pages on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Then make a commitment to post regularly. Share news and updates. Publish relevant content. This will help you attract more followers and provide a platform from which you can engage with your prospects and hopefully convert them to paying customers.

Use multiple channels and customize your message.

The more you tailor your marketing message to the specific audience you are trying to reach, the better it will perform. To that end, make sure your campaigns are targeted to board members, HOAs and COAs in particular. It’s also a good idea to use multiple different channels to get your message out, since not everyone uses the same one. For instance, some people respond better to online ads while others prefer traditional methods, like direct mail. Take advantage of all the tools and avenues available to you.

Stay on top of reviews.

Did you know that 94% of consumers say that a review they read online convinced them to avoid a business? While it’s nearly impossible to prevent any negative reviews online, what is in your control is how you handle those derogatory comments. By responding in a prompt, positive and professional manner, you demonstrate that you’re listening and you care. You can also use these as an opportunity to show prospective customers that you’ve taken swift action to right any wrongs.

Grow your network.

With an online presence established, the next step is to start connecting with other local professionals. Focus especially on those who are complementary to HOA management. Some ideas include real estate agents who specialize in associations, contractors, maintenance techs, etc. By building and strengthening these connections, you’ll be able to reach more prospects through referrals and word of mouth recommendations.

By putting the five strategies above into action, you can better position your HOA management business to attract more customers and strengthen your position within the industry. Having a dynamic website, a solid social presence, and expansive marketing campaigns will help you make a winning first impression while managing your reviews and growing your network will help you continue to nurture and convert those leads into long-term, loyal clients.

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