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5 Best Ways to Find Hourly Employees for Your Business

5 Best Ways to Find Hourly Employees for Your BusinessDid you know that hourly employees make up 59 percent of the workforce? That equates to about seventy-eight million people. There are a number of advantages to hiring hourly vs. salaried workers, including the ability to better control costs and save on benefits. Yet, despite the fact that the pool of candidates is so vast, hiring and retaining quality hourly staff can be a remarkably challenging undertaking. If you’re interested in leveraging an hourly workforce for your property management company, here are a few tips to help make the process easier and more productive.

Start from within.

One of the most effective ways to locate great hourly workers is to ask your existing employees to provide referrals. Offering an incentive for doing so, such as a small cash bonus or other rewards, can help to sweeten the pot and provide you with a greater pool of prospects from which to choose. You can either wait for employees to refer their friends or family, or you can get the ball rolling by asking each team member to provide three names of individuals to whom you can reach out and introduce the property management company.

Connect via online groups.

The internet is home to thousands of trusted networks, many of which are comprised of individuals who may be interested in work. For instance, there are many groups on Facebook dedicated to certain sectors, industries and/or geographical locations where members offer advice and share information (including job openings). To find such a group, try searching the web (social media in particular) for community and/or employment boards in the city, state or province where your property management company is located. There, you will likely find a decent pool of candidates to which you can market your open positions.

Organize or participate in job fairs.

Local job fairs are incredibly effective at attracting people seeking hourly employment. You can set up your own event or look for one in your area to participate in. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to meet prospects in person and also help to spread the word about your property management brand, culture and service offering. If you have a good turnout, you’ll end up with a nice database of candidates that you can continue to engage with as the need to fill additional roles arises.

Utilize your position in the community.

One of the nicest things about property management is that it provides access to many individuals living within the community. For instance, you may manage multiple condos or apartment buildings that house many people. These communities may also provide the opportunity to advertise hourly work you have available. Use online community networks and physical bulletin boards to help get the word out about any openings you have. You may be surprised at how much attention you can attract this way.

Partner with local schools.

Entry-level employment is frequently handled through an hourly arrangement, so tapping into a less experienced pool of candidates can be helpful in locating prospects. One excellent way to do this is by partnering with local high schools and community colleges. Many of the individuals finishing up their education are eager to enter the workforce. And most of these institutions have career centers and career fairs, making it easy to connect with students and hopefully generate some leads.

Recruiting hourly workers can be time consuming and laborious. But the benefits it can have for your property management company may make it well worth the extra effort. Applying the techniques above should help make the process a little less cumbersome.

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