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4 Ways to Effectively Manage Virtual Property Management Teams

4-ways-to-effectively-manage-virtual-property-management-teams.jpgThanks to many technological breakthroughs, including introduction and widespread adoption of the cloud, today’s workplace is no longer confined to brick-and-mortar offices. Now, business leaders are able to tap into a global talent pool that can help drive their property management companies forward at an incredibly affordable rate.

Yet along with these great benefits come some significant challenges, particularly when it comes to effectively managing employees that are spread out across the state, country and sometimes even the world. To follow are 4 guidelines that will help streamline the entire process.

Leverage technology to your full advantage.

As mentioned above, cloud technology has made it simple and straightforward to connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Using tools like property management software that is designed to facilitate real-time information sharing can help keep everyone on the same page. Furthermore, things like chat rooms and video conferencing can make managing virtual teams feel like a breeze.

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Communicate to a fault.

One of the biggest challenges that arises from virtual team environments is the struggle to keep everyone on track and accountable. Over-communication is the solution to this dilemma. Be sure that everyone on your team is always kept in the loop, whether it’s via email, text or some other means. Holding regular meetings can also do wonders for making virtual employees feel like they’re still an important part of the team.

Be aware of and respect different cultures.

Another snag that often arises when managing a distributed team is the issue of different time zones and work cultures. For instance, your developer might be located in another part of the world where they are working when most of your in-office staff members are off. Dialing into conference calls may require sacrifices on their part, so be sure to be sensitive and reward them accordingly. Furthermore, learning about various cultural differences that may exist can help you avoid any uncomfortable situations in the long run.

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Document everything.

Managing people in other locations can make it difficult to keep track of what’s being done, who’s handling what and other pertinent information. Making it a point to document everything and carving out dedicated time each day to do so can make things much easier and also help you avoid any potential conflicts over time. This is another way comprehensive property management software can help.

Being able to access talent from anywhere in the world can help bring your property management company to the next level and give you the competitive advantage you need to position yourself at the head of the pack. Doing so successfully requires proper planning and a clear understanding of how best to manage virtual teams. The tips listed above should provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build and grow. 


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