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4 Resident Portal App Necessities That Will Make or Break You

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Property managers are always looking for smart ways to take their business to the next level. In today’s challenging market, this is perhaps doubly true. 

One way to improve the caliber of service you offer to residents is by investing in a resident portal app. With the right solution, life becomes easier for workers and residents alike.

What Is a Resident Portal App?

A resident portal app is a digital interface that enables property managers to serve customers beyond normal business hours. 

For example, instead of only being able to submit homeowners association (HOA) fees or other payments when the office is open, residents and owners can settle their bills 24/7 with access to a resident portal app.

By allowing residents to take care of their needs at their convenience, property managers can deliver a modern experience that most of us have grown to expect. In turn, this increases resident engagement and reduces turnover.

Must-Have Features in a Resident Portal App

The right resident portal app can transform your property management company. That said, not every solution is the same. As you begin your search for a new resident portal app, here are some must-have features you need to keep top of mind:

1. A Low-Friction Interface That’s Easy to Use

First things first: If you invest in a clunky piece of software, don’t be surprised if your residents are hesitant to start using it. After all, many people resist change. To get them to use the app, you must ensure it’s intuitively designed, user-friendly, and easy to use. Once your residents begin navigating a well-designed app and see all of the features it offers, they’ll be more inclined to start using it regularly.

2. Support for Electronic Payments

These days, we pay for just about everything online. That being the case, there’s no reason residents shouldn’t be able to make HOA, rent, or other payments online. In fact, support for online payments is the number one reason property management companies use portals. Instead of writing checks and hoping they make it to the right place, residents can submit payments online and set up recurring payments to ensure bills are paid automatically.

3. Streamlined Reporting of Safety and Maintenance Issues

Whenever safety or maintenance issues appear, property managers need to take fast action to repair them. After all, the last thing a property management company wants is for a resident to get injured due to an issue with the facility. Similarly, property managers don’t want residents to wait endlessly to have an issue fixed in their homes. 

Leading resident app portals make it easy for residents to submit reports. They also enable site managers to create work orders in just a few clicks and assign them to available workers, expediting the request.

4. Support for Digital Communications

With the right resident app portal, you don’t have to waste tons of paper to keep residents informed about what’s most important. Instead, you can ensure they get the message via email or text. By broadcasting critical messages out to the community, you can ensure everyone is kept in the loop and no one is blindsided by major developments.

Take Your Property Management Business to the Next Level with a Resident Portal App!

As you can see, resident portal apps can transform your property management business. But not every app is the same. As you begin your search for the right solution, conduct your due diligence and research all options to make the best choice for your unique circumstances.

We might be a bit biased, but we believe Netintegrity is the ideal solution for property managers like you. Request a demo today to learn more about how Netintegrity can help you grow your property management business while delighting residents and employees.

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